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Everyone wants success.

But who wants to improve?

Self-improvement is the only way to achieve success.

And to in order to improve, you must work on the skills you’re naturally adept at in life.

Make a list of every skill you’re naturally good at—and work on them in that order!

If you find you can become better at something, then find experts in that field to take your skills to the next level!

This was the secret to my breakthrough.

For example, I was really bad at writing. My teachers validated my incompetencies even further by failing me in English, both in high school and college.

But I wasn’t going to let them predict the success in my life.

Because I knew I could improve.

However, it would be an uphill battle.

One year, I decided to change.

I promised myself that I could reach a professional level of writing, even though I consistently made grammatical, spelling, & other errors.

So I got to work.

Here are some things I did..

- Read dozens of books on writing well.

- Consulted the dictionary & vocabulary builders.

- Wrote weekly articles & hired an editor to fix my glaring flaws.

- Journaled my life, ideas, & experiences very day.

- Invested thousands of hours to proofread my work.

- Made sure text messages, emails, to-do lists, & all other written communication were perfect.

- Took notes on every single detail in my life.

All of these habits made me better!!

For me, writing was the single-greatest skill that opened up tremendous opportunities.

What about you?

What talent(s) can you develop within the next 12 months?

Make a promise to yourself and dive deeper to manifest these natural gifts.

Don’t worry about “how you’ll make money.”

Because developing your natural gifts may not provide financial wealth in the short-term.

After all, that’s why most people never expand their natural abilities.

But in the long-term, it will set you up for monumental success.

Your gifts will only connect you with the best!

So figure out the skills you’re naturally good at…

Because you’ll have a lifetime of blessings that no one will be able to hold back!

- Daniel Ally


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