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A Little Known Secret About Getting Rich

This valuable and little known secret changed my life forever.

When I first moved out of my parents' house, I knew little about living by myself. This meant that I had to earn money and learn how to take care of my home.

It wasn't as hard as I thought, but eventually, I was running into financial troubles after 6 months or so. The bills were piling up and I kept assuring myself that everything was 'okay'.

The problem was that it wasn't okay.

My cost of living at the time was $3,500 per month. I was only earning about $2,300 per month. As the old saying goes, 'there was too much month at the end of the money.'

This forced me to pay my bills via credit cards, which quickly surmounted to a negative net worth of $100,000. I was down in the dumps, even though I somehow knew my business was taking off.

One day, I visited a friend who owned a $18,000,000 home in the Washington, DC area. As I toured his house, I bumped into a busy maid who was cleaning his house. He had 7 of them who cleaned over 22,000 square feet every day.

His house sparkled.

I then learned the secret to his wealth.

Without hesitation, I went home and cleaned my entire home. My kitchen was way overdue and my bedroom was out of order. Don't even talk about the bathrooms or the corridor where I kept my shoes. Chaos!

That same evening I went to work and cleaned for three straight days. While cleaning, I switched between music and audio programs. When I didn't play any background sounds, I prayed deeply. My cleaning endeavors seemed effortless.

I vacuumed relentlessly and swept up ever area of my 1,000 square foot apartment. I organized all books and folders. I created a system to keep all pens in one location. I also drove a nail into the wall to hang my keys to never lose them again. I created about 5 other similar systems like this around my home.

Next, I went out to my car and detailed the interior and washed the exterior. I even cleaned the coins that were sticking together. I washed every spoke on my rims and bought new air fresheners.

Despite a hurting back, wrinkled fingers, and enormous amounts of sweat, I finished the job. At the time, my bank hit me with three consecutive $37 overdraft fees. Ouch!

I still emanated joy...

Shortly after, the phone began to ring. A client who I was begging to do business with called me and told me that her government budget passed and wrote a check of $1,000 and hired me for a speech.

The next day, another man called me and gave me his final payment of $800 that he owed for services I rendered months before.

A couple days later, a random stranger reached out to me after finding my website and asked me to go onto a television show, which helped me book 6 more paid speeches.

Within the next 2 weeks, I pulled in a total of $4,600, which was the most I've ever made in an entire month at that time!

After 6 months, I passed 5-figures per month.

Less than three years later, I became a millionaire.

Today, I have a maid who helps me maintain my home. I often thought that it would take me years to attain this status. Because of my friend, I've learned the importance of organizing, cleaning, and restoring a house in its proper order.

I found myself with a peace of mind and the ability to express my creativity. Just think, could you operate with clarity if you had piled-up dished in the back of your mind?

No way!

When you start to undertake this habit of staying clean, you'll become wealthier too. If you're already good at keeping clean, the only thing that's holding you back is helping others to do the same.

My mother tells me all the time, "Cleanliness is next to godliness." I never knew what she meant until I cleaned up my act.

There are multiple secrets to getting wealthy, but this is one of the greatest. When you have a clear path to focus on, no obstacle can get in your way--because you'll be able to sweep them all away!

Daniel Ally

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