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Why You Should Be An Expert

On a recent workout, I had a enthusiastic trainer share his understanding of our bones and muscular system. I was astounded by his humble expertise, which made me think of increasing my own.

Experts never know enough in their field and the moment they think they do, their doomed for failure.

I've seen people who mindlessly perform extremely well with their work, but suffer from inexplicable boredom.

An example of this is when I recently got a PRK eye surgery (corrective vision!) and my doctor perfunctorily zapped on my eyes in 10 minutes maximum.

The multi-millionaire was yawning during the process.

Yes, he's an expert, but he was bored and unhappy. Although the job was perfectly done, there was no excitement in the office nor with his staff or patients, even while contributing to a life-changing process.

Many people merely put up with his antics due to his rare expertise, which he immensely despised. He may be an expert in performing eye surgeries, but he is an amateur in living his life successfully.

However, the trainer, may be considered far less valuable (in society's terms), but made his living by making others better. His enthusiasm had me excited not only about working out, but also about increasing my skills as an expert.

The difference between these two experts is happiness.

An unhappy person is upset with themselves because they are doing less than their capable of. The happy person is one who does more than what he or she is paid to do, regardless of the end result.

Building expertise is an easy task if you are committed to learning and serving for life. A lack of passion is the root of all evil. If you want to become an expert, you can change the world due to the service that you render, if you do it in joy.

An expert is a specialized authority. More importantly, they are a member of society who knows their job extremely well and offers more than what their client is looking for in a blissful spirit.

The antithesis of an expert is one who hates the job that their good at. They are the ones who ruin the world, despite the amount of money they make or people they impact.

Ultimately, the person who serves themselves selfishly is always going to lose. Even the best in the world can fail at life if they hate the job that they do.

Conversely, you should be a master at your craft as you practice your duty in love. Decide today that you will not only be the best at what you do, but also enthusiastically share your expertise in love.

Daniel Ally

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