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5 Habits That Will Sky-Rocket Your Confidence

When I was young, I was afraid of other people.

I thought they would say something mean to me. The worst case scenario is that they wouldn't accept me. Today, I speak to large audiences all around the world.

It wasn't until my early 20's where I've decided that I had to accept myself. I think most people in society start out lacking confidence, but not everyone learns how to build their confidence.

There's people out in the world who still don't know that they are valuable to society. They fail to acknowledge that they could really do something in this world. In short, they lack confidence in themselves.

The other day, I heard a man say that he doesn't care about himself at all and he only wanted to help others. The myth about this statement is that you cannot care for others if you do not care about yourself.

Many people have asked me what I've done to build my confidence. That's a tough question because I've done many things. I know for sure that the five habits that I'm about to recommend to you is a surefire way to skyrocket your confidence. Here they are:

1. Record Your Affirmations: Last year, I interviewed a very famous CEO and asked him, "What's the secret habit to your success?" He told me that when he was a young man, he would record his affirmations and play them on a daily basis. These affirmations were basically to remind himself of who he was and where he was going.

If you remind yourself of your goals by listening to a 5-10 minute recording several times per day, I can assure you that you will build confidence along the way. Whether you're in the car, brushing your teeth, making dinner, or answering emails, this is one habit that can dramatically change your life.

In order to do this, you'll have to repeat your favorite affirmations on the smartphone or voice recorder. Say things like, "I am a genius. I am becoming healthier every day. I am gaining more influence as a real estate agent. I am getting smarter with my money. I love my wife more and more every day." Record about 5-10 minutes of these affirmations and listen to them every 2 hours.

2. Give 4-6 Hugs Daily: Somewhere I read that humans need about 4-6 hugs per day. I realized that the happiest days of my life was when I gave and received the most hugs. It wasn't when I made the most money, gave the best speech, or bought a new car. Rather, it was when I felt the most love. Hugs can do that to you.

Love is the greatest motivational factor for all human beings. A day without love is a worthless endeavor. No one can get along with it. If you have a spouse, kids, pets, or loving co-workers, a little snuggle time will help you raise your confidence. You'll also want to encourage the people you hug along the way. I'll never forget Ms. Menkins hugs in 2nd grade as she whispered in our ears, "I love you."

3. Count Your Success Every Day: The habit of counting your success is the most underrated. Most people don't consider themselves successful despite completing successful tasks everyday. Whether it's eating healthy, writing an article, or having a friendly conversation, these are all considered as successful activities. No success is too small.

The other day, I looked around in my home and recounted the successes that I formerly relished. Among them were photos of past accomplishments, books that I've written, and books that I bought (when I could barely afford them). I've counted all of these as successes. Have you looked at your successes recently?

4. Do Something You Fear Every Day: A year ago, I had to sign a big contract that I've been afraid to sign. I went ahead to commit to the program because I knew that it will work for my business. It did work and I never regretted my decision. What are you afraid of doing that you can do today? Go ahead, do something you fear on a daily basis.

Every day, you have a chance to step into your destinies. If you want to build your confidence, you'll have to overcome your fears. Are there certain foods that you want to eat? Places that you want to visit? Do you have any phobias like heights or public speaking? Overcoming these challenges will skyrocket your confidence.

5. Complete Unfinished Projects: There's nothing better to build your confidence than to finish a project that needs your attention. One day, I was so upset that I couldn't find a certain book to make a reference to, so I took the whole day to organize my entire library of thousands of books. I've done this to my closets when I couldn't find my socks.

What project do you have that are unfinished? Most of the time, it has to do with things that need organizing. Other times, it may be projects that you've simply been procrastinating. Simply put, if you finish 1 of these projects per week, you'll build tremendous confidence. Neglect is one of the greatest traps and greatest barriers of success to many people. If you finish what you've started, you'll have more success in your life.


In order to skyrocket your confidence, all you have to do is use the resources that you currently have. There's no need to look afar or spend a fortune. Confidence is within. Most of the things you need the most are right around your home. You have to take what you get in life to get what you want out of your life. Try these three habits and let me know how it works for you.

Daniel Ally

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