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Daniel Ally


- Daniel Ally


My name is Daniel Ally. Let me tell you my story.  

I always knew I was going to be rich.

However, it seemed impossible. I was born homeless and my parents even considered having an abortion because we lived in poverty.


As a kid, I grew up on welfare and was constantly insulted, assaulted, and unwanted by the people around me.

Like many others, I was pushed to go to school and live a mediocre life. 

I knew there had to be another way..


My teenage parents were immigrants who struggled financially as we lived in the ghettos of New York City.


Before the age of 12, we moved over a dozen times. Oftentimes, we found ourselves among cramped apartments and illegal basements infested with roaches and rats.


I knew living on food stamps, passing through metal detectors, and hearing gunshots was not an ideal lifestyle. My parents agreed. 


With the little money they saved, we moved from rowdy New York City to quiet Central Pennsylvania. 

I struggled to gain acceptance and had a difficult time transitioning to the suburban lifestyle,

which resulted in low self-esteem, poor grades, and intoxication by negative influences.


To escape, I would play sports, work odd jobs, and do my best to avoid studying. In fact,

I graduated 2nd to last in high school. The last guy? Well -- he was in jail! 

The only way from here seemed like college - just as society grooms us to believe.


As the false pressures of tests, essays, and deadlines increased, I began smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. Marijuana and alcohol were also included in the drudgery - anything to step away from the multitude of demanding responsibilities. 

Meanwhile, I continued to juggle dead-end jobs wondering if my college degree would be worth it. 

I decided to 'play it safe' and stay in my parents' cold and dusty basement under the condition of pursuing a masters degree.

Although they wanted me to graduate, it was killing me deep inside. I knew I had more potential and prayed that one day a major change would come..


After being fed up for so long, I decided to go to church. It was my last resort.

To my surprise, it actually helped! Within a few months, I read The Bible entirely - which ignited my potential and gave me the desire to start my own business. I abandoned my bad habits and got serious about the future.


I discovered if I wanted to change my reality, I had to change my mentality. I ceaselessly read hundreds of books, started giving speeches, and attended countless conferences. My entire life began to change for the better as I gained a new perspective about everything I encountered. 

Thankfully, I had a supportive girlfriend who sacrificed her endeavors to join my journey. I knew we'd be committed for life. She was the quintessential piece that I needed to fit the puzzle. We both decided to drop out of college and give birth to our new company, The Ally Way.

This was the biggest turning point in my life. I became the happiest man in the world. 

DSC03725-2 (1).jpg


Since taking a leap of faith, I've reached well over 100 million people. Through my speeches, articles, and videos, I've helped people from all walks of life.

My influence has given me the privilege to travel the world, meet successful individuals, and interact with amazing people like yourself. Through the years, I've also been featured on several magazines such as, TIME, Fortune, SUCCESS, Huffington Post, FOX Business, MSN Money, given multiple TEDx Talks, and have grown a successful YouTube channel.


Furthermore, I have written three books and created extensive training programs on money, mindset, and motivation for those who are looking to breakthrough the enormity of conformity.


As a master business coach and world-renowned strategist, I've mentored countless business executives, multi-millionaires, and aspiring entrepreneurs through one-on-one aggressive growth plans.

Due to thousands of mentorship requests every month, I've created The School of Wealth, which provides a 12-month online training opportunity for students around the world to receive my guidance at an affordable rate.

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Simply put, we all need mentors in our lives. When I started out as that kid in New York City, I always hoped a millionaire would come knocking at the door to bail us out. 


Although it never happened, I'm determined to help you reach freedom and financial independence by sharing my timeless secrets of success.

If you'd like to reach out to me, feel free to fill out the contact form below.


I look forward to hearing your story.


-- Daniel Ally

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To contact Daniel Ally directly, please fill out the contact form below:

Kenneth Cole, Designer

Kenneth Cole

John Moeller, White House Chef

The White House

Kirk Franklin, Gospel Musician

12x Grammy Winner

Kay Koplovitz, Founder

USA Networks

Ted Cruz, Texas Senator

Former U.S Presidential Candidate

Daryl Morey, President

Philadelphia Sixers

Karl-Anthony Towns, NBA Star

Minnesota Timberwolves

Roy Firestone, Reporter


John Wall, 4x NBA All-Star

Los Angeles Clippers

Marcus Lemonis, TV Personality

The Profit

Bert Jacobs, Co-Founder

Life Is Good Co.

GJ Hart, CEO

California Pizza Kitchen

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