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The 5 Levels of Wealth in Our Society

As I was shopping at my favorite store, I noticed a young couple arguing about not being able to afford a dress of $100: "I can't afford to buy you this stupid dress. Is this why you brought me here?!? I told you we need to keep saving our money!"

After his burst of anger, the man stormed off, leaving the woman behind. As she put the dress back in despondency, she looked at her wedding ring and jogged after him in desperation. It looked like a hopeless moment, but I understood their feelings all too well.

There are different levels of wealth and I’ve been on all stages. Part of my mission is to help people to become financially independent by realizing how their thoughts affect their behaviors, and ultimately, their wealth. I see too many poor people that have a great chance of being wealthy, if they tried.

If you understand the 5 Levels of Wealth, you will never be the same again. You'll be able to afford the things that you've always want in your life. Here they are:

1. You’ll Never Afford It: This is the person who constantly indulges in their sorrows. They hopelessly dwell on the 'evil' people in the world and depend wholeheartedly on why they couldn't get wealthy.

If you asked them why they never had money, you’ll hear an abundance of excuses. They have no awareness of wealth except for what they see of television and hear from others.

These people will never have money because they don’t believe money is good. They think that money produces problems and they truly believe that money will never make them happy.

They live in a routine and never really grow spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. They think their happy, but deep down inside, they have rejected all prosperity and happiness. They earn less than 6-figures in annual income.

2. One Day You'll Get It: As the breadwinner drives past the car dealership, they'll tell their family: ‘one day we’ll get that Mercedes.’ It’s likely that they can get it eventually, but it may take too long.

This person doesn’t put as much effort as they should into attaining wealth. Sometimes, they still think that getting paid by the hour or winning the lottery is the way to wealth. Part of them may think that it’s not entirely good to be rich, which might be holding them back.

The best part about this is that they believe that it’s possible to be wealthy. The worst part is that they don’t know how. They may not be willing to search for the answers because their desires aren’t strong enough.

They are always on the verge of deciding to become wealthy, but they may never make the decision. If they had stronger desires, they would be at level 3 or higher. They earn around 6-figures, more or less.

3. You’re Almost There: This is a person that is well-acquainted with a wealthy lifestyle, but haven’t been able to fully indulge. They’ve had their fine meals, upscale services, and world-class luxury. They earn about $150,000 to $450,000 per year.

They can still shop at the high-end stores, but they may still shop at 'bargain' stores to feel humble. They are at the tipping point of pure opulence and may not even know it. They even have connection with people who can get them there.

The problem at this level is that they their comforts could make them complacent. After they get their luxury cars, fireplaces, fine meals, and other gifts, they may be too content to go further.

They settle for the word “Enough” and “Too Much” and don’t quite step into wealth, even though they have access to it. They don’t get all the things they want and will sheepishly deny many purchases, even though they can still work to get it.

4. You Can Get Almost Everything: This is your $500,000 per year or more club. They can order almost anything on the menu at every restaurant 7 days a week. They have a wide array of good things in their homes and can easily drop $1,000 or more on a casual day at the mall.

They don’t really have to show off their money because they’re quite confident with who they are. Their vacations are virtually limitless. They don’t really need to worry about what they spend their money on, within reason.

However, this kind of person knows that they could break into the $1,000,000 per year club if they wanted to. They may have friends who have accomplished it, but they they may not believe it is for them. Many of them have the tendency to settle to because of what their lifestyle already affords.

5. You Own the World: These are the multi-millionaires and billionaires who contribute the most to society. They gave their lives away to a cause and can buy anything that they want in the world.

They collect money while they sleep. Personal assistants, chefs, butlers, maids, drivers, and other helpers are all around them. Some of them need security because of their massive echelon of success and fame. They're in the Rolls-Royce Club.

Assuming that they are good people, they have done things that most people would never even imagine doing. They work incessantly and blow past their competitors in their respective fields.

They have been able to innovate and distribute their product and/or service in a way that no one has been able to do it. They are the biggest philanthropists and can easily toss 6 or 7 figures toward something that they believe in. They are almost always highly spiritual and educated.


It's not hard to break into the world of wealth, especially if you life in a modern city with a reasonable government. It really comes down to your desire. How wealthy do you actually want to be and what are you willing to do to obtain it? If you have what it takes, it will happen sooner than you can imagine!

Daniel Ally

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