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5 Easy Ways to Prove Yourself to the World

Being famous isn't easy. Trust me.

People have been asking me for opportunities all the time, yet many of them are unprepared. Some of them just can't seem to get it all together.

Last night, I was doing some shopping and the clerk who was ringing me out made a series of sexual innuendos to his female co-worker. Of course, I was disturbed by this, but I didn't flinch as I proceeded to check out.

Suddenly, the woman spotted me by my online reputation, "Hey, aren't you The Millionaire Millennial?"

Since I was cornered, I had to confess that I was.

"Yes, I am he."

"Wow, I just read your article on Entrepreneur Magazine about getting out of debt. Can I have your autograph?" Without hesitation, I pulled out one of my books from my lady's purse and signed her a copy with my big black Sharpie.

Standing in awe, the clerk who was wrapping up my items asked, "You're famous? Why didn't you tell me?" I chuckled back with a smile, "You didn't ask."

"Well, I've been trying to get into business for a while now, but I'm stuck at this stupid job" he remarked. "Do you have any tips?"

Of course I do. Here are 5 of them:

1. Grow Your Reputation: Truly, your reputation is your best advertisement. Obviously, this young man's antics put him in a negative situation with me where he had a tremendous disadvantage. If enough people got to know him, most of them wouldn't be inclined to do business with him.

What people say about you when you aren't looking is also extremely important. Getting recommendations are also important. Having a few testimonials and references will likely advance your case. There is nothing stronger than 'Word-Of-Mouth' advertising. It spreads the message.

2. Get a College Degree: Even though I never plan on using my college degrees, I still have them for back-up. If you have a general degree such as Business or English, it can get you into doors that most people cannot get into. Along with a college degree, you want to have good grades (at least 3.0 GPA).

Having a college degree doesn't necessarily make you successful or proves your case to the world, but it's still a starting point. You can also get an advanced degree, which sometimes increases your earnings, depending on your type of work and industry. It's convenient to have a few degrees in your pocket.

3. Get a Good Credit Score: I am always astonished about the fact that I didn't learn about credit scores until I was 21 years of age. Thankfully, I've never fell into credit problems, but I know people who have. They are unable to finance basic necessities like a car or home without exorbitant interest rates and massive hassles.

However, with a great credit score (700 or higher) you can participate in the marketplace in amazing ways. Seek on building your credit by paying off your bills on time or file Chapter 7 bankruptcy if the weight of your debts crush you. Either way, building your credit allows the world to trust you, even as a stranger.

4. Increase Your Following: One lady asked me how I got my TEDx talk in Austria. The short answer is that I'm a master at public speaking. The long answer is that thousands of people have already heard my speech and a few of them recommended me. That's how you get most major gigs.

You need to have backing from other people if you want to prove yourself to the world. Where I was raised (New York City), it only seemed like the children ran to the ice cream truck if other kids were there. This is the power of social proof. Show people that you're a leader and they will follow you, just like the kids who followed the ice cream truck.

5. Use Your Money Wisely: When it comes to proving yourself to the world, cash is king. With money, you can make purchases without tying yourself to payments that enervate you. It's best to save 10-20% of your income and always seek new ways to earn more.

When I was buying my Mercedes, the sales consultant asked me, "Would you like to see our financial specialist for a loan?" I thought about it for a moment before I answered with a grin, "Nope, here's an envelope with the cash." After he picked his jaw off of the ground, he handed me the keys.


You have to prove yourself to the world. To give credence to your cause, you'll have to provide substance behind your work. These little hinges can swing big doors. Eventually, you will be able to expand your influence and seek new ways of adding value to everyone you meet.

Daniel Ally

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