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3 Reasons to Create a Holiday for Entrepreneurs

In America, there should be a special holiday for entrepreneurs.

There should also be one for housewives too, but since I'll never be one, I won't advocate for them. However, I know that both of them have one thing in common: no one works harder than they do.

This special holiday for entrepreneurs will be called "National Business Day" and should be between Christmas and New Years. Let's say December 28th. People will say, "Happy Business Day!" It can also be in June or August to space out the calendar, since those months do not absorb any other major holidays.

Like Veterans, they should also get a year-round discount. When citizens approach them, they should say, "Thanks for being an Entrepreneur. You will get 10% on every purchase for serving the country." They should also get a salute from fellow Americans for building this nation.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need a Holiday:

1. Entrepreneurs Invented Everything: Every object that you see is a product of an entrepreneur. From your cars to your clothes, all of it was created by a genius who wanted to make the world a better place. They've decided that they wanted more convenience and didn't settle for the status quo.

Not only do they invent, but they sell their products on a massive scale too. Most household items, like your computers, were made by an entrepreneur who was determined enough to scale their product for mass consumption. Even if a product was created by an 'employee', they still used entrepreneurial skills to make and sell it.

Entrepreneurs work 80 hours per week to avoid working 40 hour per week.


2. Entrepreneurs Create Jobs: Every employee benefits from their jobs because of the role of an entrepreneur. No jobs would exist without a business. Entrepreneurs make up at least 10% of the world population, but still owns 100% of the jobs in the world.

They also create systems that multiplies the job market as rapidly as possible. Jobs only exist because of the leadership of entrepreneurs. Once certain managers (employees) are in place, the most successful entrepreneurs begin to build new businesses so that they can create more jobs and wealth for others.

3. Entrepreneurs are Billionaires: All of the members on the Forbes 400 are entrepreneurs. This means that they stimulate the economy with the amount of taxes that they pay. Even if you're a millionaire, you have to pay nearly 40% in taxes. That means that if you earned $1,000,000 this year, you would have to pay $400,000.

Being a millionaire usually means that you have served well over one million people. It also means that you've given the most. In fact, the only way you become rich is by enriching others. Most of your favorite celebrities are entrepreneurs. Besides athletes or top-level executives, it's nearly impossible to become a millionaire without being an entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurs never give up, no matter what. In the beginning of their business, almost no one knows what they are up to. Therefore, they are barely encouraged by any outsiders and have to work years to create something substantial enough to put money in their pockets. With all of this said, only 1 of 10 entrepreneurs succeed--and this is why they need a holiday.

Happy Entrepreneur's Day!

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Daniel Ally

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