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The 8 Major Stumbling Blocks of Successful Leaders

Successful people deal with the truth early and often.

In my own journey, I've found that honesty is the cornerstone of success. Many times I see people struggling because they make false analyses of where they actually are. While they may have the vision of what they want to do, they fail to make the necessary changes in their lives. In short, they never adjust and are too inflexible.

A personal example is when I first started my business. I believed that I could do it alone. Thankfully, it took less than a year to realize that I needed help. This allowed me to hire contractors, which allowed me to focus on what I do best. Since I made the decision, I've been able to multiply my results in business.

Ask yourself, "What am I doing right now that I could be doing better?" or "What must I change about the direction in which I'm heading?" These types of questions can help you break through in many areas of your life. In my observation, I've found that there are 8 Major Stumbling Blocks of Successful Leaders:

1. Blaming Others: There is a natural tendency to blame others when our circumstances fail to reflect our expectations. Those who blame others forfeit their responsibilities. They say, "Who did this to me?" rather than "What did I do to get here?" These people are slow to accept changes and alter their faulty thinking.

When people blame others, they do not only ignore their failures, but they also fail to cash in on their failures. Simply put, the opportunity to learn and grow escapes them because they haven't thought about what they could do to become better. They think their boss, wife, or kids are holding them back, when it's themselves who actually do it.

2. Blaming Yourself: Some people go to the other extreme and wholeheartedly blame themselves for their failures. Most of the time, this happens in a very private way. They say things like, "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda" and presume that they have made the wrong decisions in life. They tend to always feel guilty and often fear offending others.

People might say disparaging things like, "I was such a fool. Why am I such an idiot? I can't trust myself with money. Why do I always say the wrong things?" This perpetual cycle of blame will hinder and limit them until they meet their graves. To overcome this, start giving yourself credit and affirm your own greatness.

The only limitations you'll ever face are the ones you place on yourself.

-Daniel Ally

3. No Goals: There's are a large number of people who have no goals at all. Like a misguided ship in the ocean, they end up crashing into any island. They are stuck with nothing once they reach their destination because they haven't planned their goals. They have no priorities, plans, or purpose. That's why they end up with minimal options in the end.

When pursuing life, successful people have a specific destination. They have a goal in which to aim for. They don't just say, "I want to be comfortable." Instead, they define their industry, their income, their lifestyle, and everything else they want. Moreover, the write their goals down and review them on a consistent basis.

4. Wrong Goals: Strangely enough, there is a mass majority of people who set the wrong goals. I was speaking to a young man the other day who told me, "All I want is money. I'll get everything I want and be happy." Unfortunately, this is how most people think. They want credentials, big houses, and status, but don't really have a reason for it.

I had to clearly instruct him that he must become a man before he made the money, not make the money and then become a man. The world will always honor people with the right intentions. If your goal is to gain power, money, or fame for the wrong reasons, you will not be happy with the final results. Never pursue any goal without fully analyzing whether or not it will make you happy.

No one can get to where they want to go if they don't know where they are going. -Daniel Ally

5. Seeking Shortcuts: Everyone wants to do the job faster. However, some people go the extra mile to take shortcuts. Shoddiness on the roads, homes, meals and many more things are the result of people seeking shortcuts. They want maximum reward for minimum work.

When it comes to big success, true leaders understand that a foundation must be established. They build their homes on rock, not quicksand. They learn everything they can about what they are doing. They are thorough in all details and that's why they achieve long-lasting success.

6. Taking Too Long: Some people think it takes a lifetime to reach a modicum of success. In a recent conversation, a 30-year old woman remarked, "I can't do anything until my kids graduate high-school." She can start right now, instead of waiting for over a decade. Obviously, many of these obstacles are self-made, but you must seek to abolish them immediately.

The world is full of 'tomorrow people.' They think they must acquire certain degrees, experiences, or be in a certain position to make a move. However, the best time is now. If you wait too long to achieve your goals, you may never achieve them. Take the necessary action now to make it happen. You'll accomplish it faster than you think!

7. Neglecting Details: "Without sharp knives," a French chef once said, "I'm just another cook." Details matter, especially if you want to reach the highest levels. Edison missed a patent by a decimal point. A lawyer could lose an entire case if he misreads the fine print. A small mistake from a surgeon can be life or death.

Everything that requires noticing or doing is big. In my business, I have many systems that keep me accountable. I'm always marking the calendar, tallying a score, sending a text, or editing a body of literature. Trust me, if you found any mistakes in this article, I would know about it immediately. Success is in the details.

To write is human. To edit is divine. -Stephen King

8. Quitting Too Soon: Many people have fallen short because they quit too early. An executive told me, "I was ready to give my manager his dream job, but he quit the day before I could promote him. He could have doubled his income if he had stayed." Right when a miracle is about to happen is the time you should turn it up the most. With each adversity comes equal or greater opportunity. People don't fail in life; they just give up trying.

A football star once told me, "I almost quit. I was tired and beaten. I had given everything to the game. The season was about to start and I was about to browse the internet for jobs, something outside of my nature. In that same moment, I got a call from my favorite team. Because I never gave up, I can live my dreams and earn millions of dollars in the process." Don't give up trying, especially in trying times.


In order to reach your full potential, you must carefully analyze yourself. If any of these 8 stumbling blocks have been in your path, be sure to overcome them. Your potential extends beyond your wildest imagination. Always remember, you can do anything you want in this world.

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Daniel Ally

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