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The Best Time to Wake Up Every Day

When I woke up today, I saw an email from someone asking me, “What time do you wake up every day?”

As I rolled out of bed at 3 pm, I danced to the bathroom thinking, “I need to write an article about this.”

So here it is.

If you want to be successful, it doesn’t matter what time you wake up. What matters is what you get done during the day. As long as you’re executing your goals while getting the proper rest, you’ll be in the prime position to win every day.

Some days I arise at 3 pm and others at 3 am. However, it’s my choice. I love the flexibility of seeing different times of the day. There are different opportunities in both the day and night.

For instance, I can choose to see the sun rise as I enjoy the unbothered hours of dense darkness as I read or write during the night. I can also enjoy maximum sunlight by waking up and chatting with the energetic early birds at the crack of dawn. It’s all a choice. If you have the flexibility to do it, you should try it too.

After all, keeping a sleeping routine bores me. My creativity is peaked when I challenge myself to sleep and wake up when I want. I made this decision in my mid-twenties and it has served me well. It also helps when I serve my international clients in different time zones. My clients in Russia, France, Australia, and other countries often say, “Wow, I didn’t expect you to be up so early!”

Some criticize me for it. They say, “It’s completely irresponsible to wake up so late. If you had kids, you won’t be doing it.” They’re right. I don’t have kids, but that’s also my choice. Either way, I’m still earning money while I sleep.

You can determine what time you want to wake up every day. For me, I remember the days when I would wake up early to force myself to school. It was extremely uncomfortable. I wanted to continue my love affair with the warm blanket instead of meeting the other crusty faces during the brisk, cold winter morning.

Many days, I would think, “I wish I could wake up at 10 am or even noon!”

Today, it’s a reality. I must explain that I am an entrepreneur with a multitude of profitable businesses, so I am busy throughout my waking hours. Despite the heavy working hours and high-level business demands, I still get to call the shots for the times I want to wake up.

However, there’s only a small percentage who can do what I’ve done. What about you? What time do you wake up? If you’re mostly nocturnal, like I am, will you make the bold decision to change your sleeping pattern? I share my message humbly to let you know that there’s no “set time” that you should wake up.

I only mean to inspire you to realize that the choice is yours!

Daniel Ally

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