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The 4 Greatest Secrets of Successful People

I recently came across a discovery that changed my life.

After an hour of sleep, divine inspiration came at the perfect time as I got ready for another business trip to Miami. Though groggy from the previous day of business, I came to the conclusion that there's only four great secrets of successful people. If you understand these four secrets that I'm about to reveal, it will revolutionize the rest of your life.

I will call these four secrets the "TIME Method." TIME stands for: Time, Information, Money, and Energy. If you use these four resources correctly, you will be able to expand in unprecedented ways. Let's dig deeper into the details of TIME:

1. Time: Time is the most valuable of the TIME Method. Because of its limited nature, you must be careful about how you use it. If you fail to understand the clock, it will control you for the rest of your life. However, if you understand the value of minutes, hours, days, years, and decades, you will be able to resist the temptation to squander it through meaningless activities.

Your time is your life. Use it wisely. –Daniel Ally

An employer usually understands the value of time. That's why they buy it at a cheap price from billions of people. They know people will give their entire soul to the purpose of the organization and are likely to compensate fairly for it. When employers have control of your time, they have control of your life.

However, if you choose to start your own enterprise, you will understand time through a different dimension. You will be able to create your own disciplines and habits, because no one controls your time. You can wake up when you want, eat when you want, and do your chores on your own timing, unless you turn your business into another job!

2. Information: The way you share information shows who you are. There are either two things you can share: truth or fiction. Because some truth is hidden in fiction, many are deceived. In fact, most people share fiction. That's why celebrity gossip, sports rumors, and political opinions are quite prevalent in our society.

What kind of information do you share? Does it benefit your followers or does it mislead them? Do you share information that encourages or destroys? For instance, a conspiracy movie about the government might have some truth in it, but if it prevents your followers from enjoying their life and trusting others, it would be best not to consume it, let alone watch it yourself. You become what you study.

If you study miscellaneous things, you create a miscellaneous mind.

– Daniel Ally

Furthermore, sometimes the information you consume may not be worthy of sharing with certain individuals. For instance, I would never tell a wealth basher how to amass a fortune. It's not a worthy investment of my time or information. Nor should you ever share critical information to those who won't appreciate it. However, giving key information to those who will turn it into gold is a better idea.

3. Money: Everyone has money. If you use your money responsibly, you will have more than enough, even if you have a meager income. Save 10% of it for a certain period of time and you'll be able to invest it into a meaningful project. You’ll have more discipline and a highly focused mindset. You will be in control of your wealth, which means you are in control of yourself.

Your bank statements show what your priorities are. If you're tied up in liabilities that prevent wealth, you will feel guilty. If you have aside money to be used strategically, you will feel happy. Yes, money does make you happy. If you don't think so, then just deposit it in my bank account. Realistically, if you have a deep-rooted belief that money is bad, then you shall lose most of it to someone who appreciates it more.

Time is not money, but money is time. Money can actually create time, if you have a lot of it. For instance, if you had a one billion dollars right now, you probably would not be doing a majority of your daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, etc. Think about it. Money gives you freedom and if you want to live a highly productive life, you need a lot of it. Learn to earn, save, spend, invest, and give it away effectively if you want it to bless your life.

Abundant thoughts will lead to an abundant life. –Daniel Ally

4. Energy: The usage of energy is highly underrated in our society. Many people expend useless energy in tasks they have no business partaking in. For instance, a man may landscape his entire yard all day while he can easily pay someone else $40 to do it. He may justify it as exercise, but he probably could have used his day more strategically.

Arguing, gossiping, criticizing, anger, jealousy, and other negative emotions require tons of energy too. If a person doesn't guard their mind and body, they can enervate themselves unknowingly. We always hear people talking about how 'tired' they are. The main reason is because they have little to no understanding of their energy levels.

Furthermore, a great person doesn't conserve their energy, they expand it. This means that they will enhance their physiology through eating right, exercising, thinking, and planning. They will be able to adjust their emotions, attitudes, and mindset on command. Because they have great control of themselves, more energy will be granted to them. That's why we have a '3rd wind'.

Ask yourself, “What’s the best use of my energy right now?”

–Daniel Ally


Because all of us have these resources, we can either use it or abuse it. We can conserve it or expand it. We can share it or deplete it from others. How do you use your TIME? If you corral these resources more strategically, you will be able to afford more TIME. Be sure to share this article with someone who believes in truth.

Daniel Ally

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