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How to Completely Turn Your Life Around

When I was 21 years old, I was ready to commit suicide.

Nothing seemed to be working for me. I lived a life full of contradictions. Just picture me: I was a broke, overweight college student working my 40th job as a suit salesman who smoked two packs of cigarettes each day. I also drove a black Volkswagen Beetle around town blasting obscene rap music with my two massive subwoofers.

Obviously, I was quite confused about who I was and what I wanted to do. I definitely had more problems, too many to count. However, I knew I wanted to change, but I just didn’t know exactly what to do. With so much potential, I had to find a way to do what I was fully capable of.

Thankfully, I had a spiritual encounter which changed my life. After reading the Bible, I came to realize that there was much more that I could be doing. In just a short time, I felt moved to search the internet and found a speech that changed my life. I started to devour dozens of books and became ultra-inspired to make my mark in the world.

With pure effervescence, I began giving speeches anywhere and everywhere. Later on, I started a digital marketing company. I made a fortune within a few years and helped millions of people along the way. Because of this, I want to share with you five ideas I’ve used to completely turn my life around. I hope it will work for you too!

1. Write Down Dislikes: I wrote down everything I disliked about myself. From my thick bifocals to my stained yellow teeth, I fervently engaged to the process of eliminating any deficits in my life. Furthermore, I decided to learn more about my bank account and debt, instead of avoiding the mail. In short, I got real with myself.

Once I decided what I didn’t want, I made a list of everything I did want in the next 5 years. Technically speaking, I’ve achieved way more than I planned for because I wrote it down. If you want to change your life, write down everything you hate, then write down everything you would love to have. When you’re done, get to work.

Facing the truth about your situation is a challenge. There’s always a layer of insecurity that must be penetrated before you reach your potential. Once you let go of your ego and accept that changes must be made, you will achieve massive breakthroughs in your life. Instead of wishing and hoping, you’ll be doing and winning.

If you challenge yourself, no one else in the world can challenge you!

-Daniel Ally

2. Change Your Leaders: Instead of listening to my professors, co-workers, and family members about starting a business, I decided that I needed to reach out to real entrepreneurs. Default friends are people that we naturally see everywhere we go: school, home, work, church, gym, store, etc. Many of these people have the right intentions of helping us, but often provide the wrong direction in leading us.

For example, you might want to be a millionaire, but your friends and family will tell you to play it safe by going to school and getting a job. However, just because taking a risk didn’t work out for them, doesn’t mean it won’t work out for you. You must chart your own course and seek out leaders who can help you reach your goals.

Personally, I made a list of all the people I admired. Once I secured my list, I reached out to them by searching aggressively online. When I got in contact with them, I had a barrage of questions. Just think, who are the successful people you want to reach out to? Do whatever it takes to learn all you can from what they can teach you.

The people you are looking for are also looking for you.

- Daniel Ally

3. Never Compare Yourself: I used to envy a bunch of people who ‘seemed’ to be ahead of me. However, within a few years, I totally passed them in many regards. Suddenly, I find that many of them have been reaching out to congratulate me on my success.

A good example was a man who was twice my age. I was 22. He was 44. It looked like he had a fully established business: graphic designers, website, clients, professional headshot, virtual assistant, and even a book! This man also had a Ph.D. in business. Because I didn’t have any of these at the time, I revered him and even asked him for mentoring, but he said he was ‘too busy’ for me.

Dejected, I continued my journey and found other mentors. A few years later, I was giving a speech and was approached by a heavily bearded man. He greeted me and asked me if I remembered him. As soon as I noticed who was hiding behind the beard, goosebumps shocked my body. It’s been three years and this same man has received one-on-one mentoring from me. Sometimes, comparison is the thief of joy. Never compare!

The people you used to look up to will start looking up to you.

-Daniel Ally

4. Align Yourself with Success: While I was in college, I wondered whether or not it was a good idea to stay in school. After all, I went to Penn State University and they seemed to have a wonderful business school. Fortunately, my eagerness to succeed in business forced me to make a decision which would ultimately give me the freedom I now enjoy.

Without parental consent or warning, I dropped out of school. I also moved out of my parents’ house and started my own life. I recognized that I had to give up convenience and security to live my dreams. After all, it seemed to be a total contradiction to be reading about “peace” while living in a rowdy house! I had to make moves!!

Where are you right now? Where do you want to go? If you’re surrounded by people, places, and things that do not align with your goals, then you must change it immediately. Never settle for silver if you want the gold. Mediocrity will always be there, trust me. If you want to get away from it, you must do whatever it takes to align yourself with success, even if it comes at a higher price.

When the mind is ready, the money will come.

-Daniel Ally

5. Gain Massive Wisdom: A major step to success is gaining wisdom and understanding. Wisdom is knowing what to do; Understanding is knowing why you did it. You must know exactly which steps to take and how to take them if you want to meander along the oceans of success. No one can get to where they want to go unless they know how to get there.

This requires you to get the facts at any price. You must discover who you are and what you were called to do because you obtain your success. Many people want to attain money, hoping they would ‘become a man’ in the process. Actually, it works the other way around: You must ‘become a man’ first, and then you will make the money!

Two people might work the same job, earn the same income, and have similar lifestyles. But if Person A has more wisdom than Person B, Person A will live a better life. To turn your life around, study and application must be a daily habit. Learn about yourself, find your niche, and dominate your industry. Wisdom is readily available for all who eagerly search for it.

To change your reality, you must change your mentality.

-Daniel Ally


Are you ready to completely turn your life around? No matter what happens, never give up on yourself. You have unprecedented powers that you have yet to reveal. It’s never too late to make it happen. Everyone is counting on you. I am waiting to hear about your success too...

Daniel Ally

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