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How to Choose the Perfect Career

Your career choice will completely define who you are.

Many people try to avoid mixing business with pleasure, but I believe the task is utterly impossible. We are what we repeatedly do and if we put 80 hours a week into working and thinking about a special career, then it defines who we are.

I've counseled thousands of individuals about making the perfect career choice. If you're looking to switch careers, here are six considerations.

1. Purpose: Does your career align with who you are and who you plan to be? If you're still trying to find out what your purpose is, just do the best at the world they you're doing right now. That means that if you have a current role, master it and it will lead you to your next opportunity. Ask yourself, "What can I do that no one else can do?" Search for books, conferences, and mentors who can help you build clarity of your dreams.

I found my purpose when I learned that I didn't have the proper life skills after going to school for almost 20 years. I didn't know anything about money, making decisions, time-management, relationships, etc. I thought to myself, "Why don't I teach these subjects to the world?" I have dedicated my whole life to this because it's my purpose! What's your purpose in life?

Your purpose is greater than you! -Daniel Ally

2. Reputation: The most common question someone will ask you in this world is, "What do you do?" Whatever you say will be judged immediately, followed by common assumptions. For instance, if I say "I'm a motivational speaker," the following question from the majority of people are, "Can you motivate me?"

You must have an answer for whatever you say. People will assume that they know your career and it is your job to establish your credibility. Keep in mind that each career has its own stigma. Everyone is subject to negative criticism: doctors, lawyers, housewives and even preachers! Make sure your career choice makes you feel good about yourself.

Your reputation is your best advertisement - Daniel Ally

3. Money: Everyone works to earn money. It's one of the biggest considerations of choosing the perfect career. If you want to be rich and have big material needs, you better get into sales or business. Even if you're someone who prefers a simpler lifestyle that doesn't require much money, choose a profession that will give you the kind of money you need to feel successful.

Money is an important subject and cannot be avoided. Some people will say, "Well, money isn't that important" or "Money isn't everything" but the fact is money is the byproduct of your success in the marketplace. If your career gives you an optimal chance to earn maximum wages, then your choice should be clear.

When the mind is ready, the money will come. -Daniel Ally

4. Growth: Does this career allow you to grow into the person you want to be? Does it provide real-world solutions? Will you be able to constantly learn? Many times, people choose a career that steals their time. As they get older they realize that they haven't grown as much as they had hoped to.

Personal and professional development is the cornerstone to becoming a successful person. If you work in a toxic environment or are simply overworked, you will not have the chance to grow. However, if your company promotes a culture of learning, you will have opportunities to further your career and improve your life.

You can count the seeds in the apple, but you can never count the apples in the seed.

5. Family: Your career choices can impact your family choices. If you're a firefighter or US Marine, you need to consider the danger in these careers. There are other professions with less risk, but still require abnormal hours and duties. For instance, a real estate agent has to work weekends and a mortician must work with dead bodies.

Considering what your family thinks, where your career is located and how you can best support your family is a big responsibility when it comes to making the perfect career choice. If it is undesirable for your family, it will most likely be undesirable to you. Be sure to make sure you understand your family needs. It can impact everything you do.

Love heals everything.

6. Longevity: Is this a career that you can do for the rest of your life? Often times, people move around from job to job, which can cause turmoil, delays, and confusion in their lives. If you choose to work in different industries, make sure they are compatible with your life and career goals.

When choosing a career, you must be happy with yourself and the people around you. Your colleagues should give you the respect and support you need to feel good about yourself. Furthermore, your career should make you feel like you’re making an impact.

The right career should provide you with many options because of the experiences and skills you’ll gain along the way. A sense of confidence and accomplishment should be felt as you progress through your career and build your resume.


What kind of career are you looking for? Is it something you can do for the next 50 years? Can you be happy with it for the rest of your life? Does it give you the reward and satisfaction that you need? If so, you’ve selected the perfect career!

Daniel Ally

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