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7 Blogging Secrets that Made Me Famous

My 300+ blogs have reached millions of people.

It’s all been done while running several businesses, working a heavy travel schedule, and inventing new products and services.

When I first started writing, I focused on what I would teach my higher self. In other words, the process of creating articles gave me the mindset to write at the highest level: my future self.

I started blogging because I found that I had so much to share, but no way to share it. One day, I started a WordPress blog, which collected several thousand views. It gave me tremendous confidence and made want to master the essence of blogging.

Now that I’ve reached tens of millions of people with my articles from various platforms: TIME, Huffington Post, SUCCESS Magazine, Fortune, MSN Money, FOX Business, and many more, I feel privileged to share with you the 7 Blogging Secrets that Made Me Famous:

1. Study Often: You need to gather a ton of ideas from various sources like books, articles, videos, experiences, and observations—just to name a few. Once you’ve become inspired enough, you come to the point where you feel so compelled to write because you have so many ideas to share.

Most creators feel smart enough once they gain a certain amount of knowledge. However, the greatest pioneers in blogging will study excessively. They will study until they they’re developed more ideas than they can produce. Or in my case, write more articles than their editors can handle.

To write is human. To edit is divine. –Stephen King

2. Produce Ideas: Once you’re filled yourself up with noteworthy knowledge and inspiration, its’ time to jot your ideas down. I typically use a sticky tab and record the headline and main points of the article. This gives me a chance to see my ideas on paper and ask myself, “Does my audience really need this? Is it worth writing right now?”

I’ll go to Microsoft Word and start to flesh out the ideas by writing ceaselessly. I’ve learned to not bother editing during the production stage. It tends to slow you down and curb your creativity. Instead, let your ideas flow abundantly and let your higher version of yourself take charge of your writing.

Just put the pen to the paper…or the fingers to the keyboard! –Daniel Ally

3. Get Focused: People often ask, “How do you average two articles per week 100 per year?” It’s easy when you’re focused. My mission is clear: To teach people the lessons they missed in school, work, home, and church. Because my purpose is clearly articulated, I will not allow any distraction to interfere with the greatness which I am called to produce.

Try writing your articles without the aid of your phone or internet. It can be a beautiful thing to write without these outside distractions. Usually, I’ll write to a rhythmic beat, which keeps my thoughts moving. Actually, I’ll give you this beat that I’m listening to right now. Music without lyrics helped me stay focused while writing. What about you? Does music help you write better? Try it and see!

Focus on what you can do instead of what you cannot do. –Daniel Ally

4. Make it Attractive: There’s nothing that will get people to read an article faster than an attractive headline and photo. Your headline must make people think, “I really need to read this right now.” If your headline draws that kind of curiosity, people will click and read what you’re writing.

You can sell your article more by choosing a strategic photo which coincides with your headline and topic. For instance, if I write an article, “5 Steps to Becoming Wealthy,” I will add a photo of Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Since people think of them as wealthy, I’ll give them exactly what they’re looking for.

People don’t know what they want until you give it to them. –Daniel Ally

5. Opening Statement: When you start your article, you first sentence must establish your credibility. It must make your reader ask, “I wonder what they’re going to say next?” Your first sentence should lead to the next paragraph, until they get to the end of your article. Let your words paint an image in their mind.

If you look at my articles, you’ll see that I usually open up with one sentence. It’s so simple and it draws people in immediately. You opening statement must attract people and make them realize that this article must be read, not skimmed. The more words they read, the more they’ll believe in you.

In writing, you always get a second chance to make the first impression: first the headline and image, then the opening statement! –Daniel Ally

6. Speak from Experience: Your voice must always be your own. If you’re trying to channel your inner Cinderella or Superman, it won’t work. Be yourself first. Everyone else is taken. After all, if you’re trying to be other people, who will be you?

Give people the real version of yourself by speaking from the experiences that you have to share! Tell them a story about yourself or your observations by explaining it in detail. Keep your articles between 500-1000 words to keep the interest of your readers. Give them a glimpse into your life. They want to know you and will engage with a real person instead of a robot.

If you believe in yourself, everyone else will believe in you.

–Daniel Ally

7. Proofread. Edit. Publish: It’s time to proofread once you’ve gathered your thoughts, chosen your headline and image, and produced your full body of work. Go through your article once or twice and make corrections before sending it off to an editor. It will help you improve your writing and give your editor an easier job.

Once you get your final draft, make the necessary corrections and publish your article at once. Choose multiple platforms and share it abundantly. Ensure that your content is of high quality and that you consistently write weekly or monthly. Build your following by improving and using the seven steps I’ve outlined for you in this article.


Writing an article can be easy once you get accommodated. Give it a try and make sure you publish soon. Get feedback from your comments and messages. Once you gain the confidence, pitch bigger publications and see if they will take you on as a contributor. These are my seven secrets to writing masterful articles.

What’s yours? Send me a comment or share your blog with me!

Daniel Ally

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