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The Surprising Truth About Your Net Worth

Thousands of people have inquired online about my net worth...

Net worth is an amazing concept. It was developed when American gangster, Al Capone, battled the United States over his tax fraud conviction in 1932. The net worth method was used to measure his assets, which were diverse and highly difficult to measure.

Although the estimation was incorrect, people were still amused by the concept. The net worth method didn't become official until 1989. To this day, a person's net worth is always incorrect on the internet, mostly because of the flawed valuation of a person's assets and liabilities.

When people ask, "What's your net worth?" There is no real answer. That's usually why people like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Carlos Slim laugh when the question is asked. Speaking of Donald Trump, he claims that his net worth is 'closer to $10 billion dollars.'

According to Forbes, he is valued at $3.5 billion (as of March 2017). Who's right? No one knows. But that's obviously a several billion-dollar difference and no one can really question him because he has famous buildings all around the world.

Furthermore, I have assets that cannot be measured. For instance, I have invested years into developing my understanding in business. I consider my mindset my largest asset, but it cannot be evaluated by any human standards. However, I can generate thousands of dollars any day I choose. Therefore, my wealth fluctuates because it is always changing like the Earth.

Moreover, my net worth would dramatically change if I sold my cars. If I bought a lot of land or a new house, it will change as well. If I take $100,000 and invest it into a business, of any kind, my net worth would be different on paper because there is no way to estimate where that potential business will go. As you can see, net worth is a concept that becomes laughable, especially among the rich.

When I began my journey to wealth, I asked rich people, "What's your net worth?" I never got a real answer. There were none. However, as I became wealthier, I realized that none of my rich friends talked about net worth. None. Instead, we talked about the specifics about our business and careers, just like normal people do.

Finally, let me turn the question to you. What is your net worth? Does this question make you feel uncomfortable? If it does, then that's how it sounds when you ask rich people about their net worth. As you can tell, no one will liquidate all of their assets and liabilities to give a solid answer. That's just completely unreasonable.

Thankfully, my net worth is infinite. And so is yours. You are worth more than any human measurement because your value to God is impossible to determine.

Daniel Ally

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