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The 7 Mental Barriers to Wealth

If you want to reach your financial goals, you must unlock your mind.

We hear people say things like, "Money is so hard to come by" or " I just want to be comfortable." These statements will substantially repel wealth from our existence. To attract wealth, we must change our mentality about money.

Even if you only earn minimum wage, there's no excuse for being poor. Since wealth begins in our mind, we must accept it if we want to manifest it in our affairs. The lady who walks past a beautiful scarf and thinks, "I'll try it on and find a way to purchase this scarf, "will always be better off than the woman who admits, " "I can never afford this!"

Money reacts toward our attitudes about it. -Daniel Ally

We all have different responses to wealth. Let’s take an example of two kinds of responses at a dinner party: "This is a complete waste of food" versus "I'm so thankful that a feast was provided today." Blessing what you have will always make you richer than cursing the wealth you've been exposed to. When you encounter wealth, how do you respond to it?

In my path to wealth, I've realized that there are 7 Mental Barriers to Wealth. Take these pointers if you want to make a total mindset shift. It will change your life. Here they are:

1. Wealth Bashing: There's a mass of people who bash wealth. They believe that wealthy people aren't happy. They assume, "Bill Gates might have all the money in the world, but he's probably not happy." Even worse, "Wealthy people are crooked and greedy. They have to step on small people ‘like us' to get to where they are."

Wealth bashing usually come from people who don't believe they can ever be associated with wealth. Their remarks are made to resonate with the masses who aren't normally attuned to attaining wealth. Since wealth bashing is quite popular, you must avoid the perils of focusing your attention on such statements, lest you achieve poverty yourself!

2. Lack of Contribution: You can only become wealthy by sharing the wealth that you currently have. Your time, money, talent, and ideas can be shared with the world, if you allow it. Think about what you can offer to others and find ways to do it, even if you don’t think you have it. As you seek avenues of contribution, your wealth will dramatically expand and you will be more inspired to give.

Your level of living is determined by your level of giving. When I first sought mentorship, I talked to everyone I could find. I was quite appalled when certain successful people held back when it came to sharing advice. Because of their stinginess, I was determined to produce hundreds of articles, videos, quotes, and any other form of success education. I've reached millions of people because of my contributions.

Your wealth is the sum total of your entire contribution to society.

-Daniel Ally

3. Generational Despair: Many people come to accept the ancestral path they receive from their families. There are many people who come from lower-middle class homes who just want to be slightly better than their parents. However, if you come from a family without much achievement, you must break the cycle.

If I am speaking to you, get your life in order. The people in your family might not be able to help you deliver the results that you want. If your broke "Drunkle" (drunk uncle) is sipping beer as he's telling you how to become a millionaire, beware. Search for wealthy professionals who can help you reach your goals. Remember, the people you are looking for are also looking for you!

4. The Rejection of Wealth: The "it can't happen to me" feeling permeates through millions of people. For instance, when I stood in front of the Harry Winston "Hope Diamond" in Washington DC's Smithsonian museum, I heard dozens of women exclaim, "who would need all of this? I could never get that! It's just too much diamond for me!" These people just believed, "wealth is not for me.”

The next time you are confronted with wealth accept it wholeheartedly. Believe that you can achieve it. There are countless cars, homes, diamonds, and many other kinds of material possessions out there. Many of them won't be indulged upon until you claim them. After all, it's already there, so why not take it? It's yours if you accept it.

"When the mind is ready, the money will come. -Daniel Ally

5. Fear of Success: Many people fear that the path to wealth might create too many responsibilities. It might stir up too much controversy and create unnecessary jealousy. Some of them even believe that they may be rejected by their family and friends as they seek wealth. The fear of success is highly crippling, especially if you have a lot of potential.

Personally, achieving success was my greatest fear. I would often cling to the belief, "It's lonely at the top." Once I realized that there were many wealthy partners willing to greet me at the top I got busy working on my highest goals. Your ideal life is waiting for you, realize that the journey will bring you much joy!

6. Association with Poverty: A famous athlete once said, "My guys grew up with me. I can't just leave them behind." After a few years of retirement, he found an empty bank balance and a pile of debt. By age 40, he filed for bankruptcy despite amassing tens of millions of dollars during his illustrious career. He kept his friends, who eventually led to his financial demise.

To be wealthy, you must shake off all forms of poverty. Television and internet promote poverty and many people unconsciously accept it. Keep a sharp lookout of individuals, even famous people, who produce content that is directed toward poverty. After you come to the realization, seek wealthy forums that preach the virtues of wealth.

You become what you study. If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.

-Daniel Ally

7. Lack of Sexual Discipline: When a person lacks sexual discipline, it destroys their creativity, dissipates their energy, and curtails their inspiration & motivation. In fact, many people seek to express themselves sexually while forfeiting the opportunity to gain wealth in their lives.

It takes the same energy to consume yourself with wealth as it does to indulge in sex. However, because of our sexually focused culture, many are deceived. The next time you are compelled to move on sexual impulses, ask yourself, "Is there something more constructive that I can be doing?" If you put your sexual energy toward meaningful work, you will breakthrough in your pursuit to wealth.


These ideas may not have been expressed by anyone previously, but the author has fully examined these precepts and has concluded that these mental barriers can be overcome. Give them a try and see what happens in your life. Wealth is equally available to all who diligently search for it.

Daniel Ally

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