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The #1 Reason Why Most People Are Poor

I was poor. Now I'm rich.

The number #1 reason why people are poor is because of ignorance. They ignore the common laws of success and prosperity, forcing them to remain mentally and financially irresponsible.

Growing up poor, I heard many poor people say:

  • “Rich people are evil, greedy, and selfish.”

  • “Money is the root of all evil.”

  • "Wealthy people are corrupted and rob the poor.”

  • “Money doesn’t make you happy.”

  • "The rich are getting richer as the poor are getting poorer."

  • “As long as I can pay the bills, I’ll be happy.”

  • “People like Bill Gates got lucky in life.”

All of these assertions had no validation. I quickly realized that poor people justify their poverty when they cannot understand wealth. Because of this, I am greatly inspired to give you these five elements that rich people ignore. Here they are:

1. Finances: The majority of poor people neglect to learn about their finances. They don’t know their credit scores, bank accounts, and financial standing. They usually write off money as ‘unimportant,’ which makes them forget the vital role that money plays in their lives. Don't ignore your money! It's very important to your success in life.

2. Universal Laws: Poor people fail to realize the laws of sowing and reaping. They don’t understand how important it is to give and receive. They give with expectation and receive with hesitation. When it comes to understanding the nature of God, they never make an attempt of practicing His laws, leaving them in financial despair. Be sure to observe the universal laws of prosperity by seeking wisdom and knowledge.

3. Debt: Poor people get into the habit of making payments. They think that college loans, mortgages, and credit card debt is the way to prosperity. They get stuck on formidable monthly payments, which adds incredible stress to their lives. Instead of saying, “I’ll make all my payments on time,” they need to say, “I must become wealthy so that I can completely discard these payments!” Relinquish all payments, if possible.

4. Confidence: I can usually tell whether a person is rich or poor within 5 minutes of conversation. Poor people usually lack confidence because they know they should be in a better financial predicament. Rich people usually have an unshakable demeanor because their money and life goals are in order. They’ve mentally accepted wealth as their lot in life and have manifested it thoroughly by proper thought and action.

5. Education: Most people think that they need to go to school in order to get rich. In fact, our society has taught that college is the safest path to society. However, rich people know that developing themselves, mastering their craft, and serving people is the way to wealth. They read books, sharpen their skills, and seek mentors to help them get there faster. The learn and grow, which is the root of all success.


In order to become rich, pay attention to these five elements. Get my book, ‘The Abundance Mentality’ and become serious in reaching your financial goals. The secret to wealth is to invest every dollar into yourself, so that you can invest in back to others once you get rich. I know this because I was once poor, but now I’m rich.

Daniel Ally

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