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When Are You Going to Live Up To Your Potential?

When I go out into public places, I'm often struck at the potential of some of the people that I see. Sometimes, it hurts me deep inside to see the reality.

For instance, as I was shopping in Tyson's Corner Mall in Virginia, I saw a very strong athletic man serving samples of tea in a souffle cup. His body was shaped like LeBron James. Most of the people who passed him rejected his offer of free tea. He was probably earning minimum wage.

Another woman in Nordstroms was stunningly beautiful, but she was caught in a conversation filled with stereotypes and propaganda with her co-worker. She had no idea that I was in her department because she was caught up in her conversation, instead of customer service. She seemed to not like her job either.

I looked over and saw a young enthusiastic man swinging his arms in front of the sun-glass store in which he worked. He looked like he was ready to start a full-flung business--but seemed to be content in his disposition.

The amazing thing about my discovery was that none of these people surpassed the age of 25, yet it seemed like most of them had given up on life. One might say, "Well, perhaps they were meant to be there." You're right, but also wrong.

Because I was there. When I worked all of the jobs that I did, I knew that I could do better. I knew that there was so much more for me to go and I guarantee that my three comrades felt the same way.

It's always a humbling experience to know that we only exert less than 10% of our real potential each day. I often think about how much more can I do and it boggles my mind.

Can you imagine the things that you can do? After all, I'm sure you've had dozens of ideas within the past few months. What is stopping you?

The only answer is yourself. When I look at all of the success and failures that I had, it always come back to me as my greatest contributing factor.

Here are 7 great questions to ask yourself for the next 30 days:

  • How can I be a greater servant to the people around me?

  • Will I be satisfied with the results I produce today when the day is over?

  • What am I doing to help myself and others reach their goals each day?

  • Am I doing the things today to help me obtain a better tomorrow?

  • Is there someone who can use my help who I am not currently helping?

  • Do I make the best out of my opportunities everyday?

  • What plan should I execute that I've been holding back for a while?

As you can see, you can do more than you think with what you have. These questions will help you dig deeper in your development and help you exercise your potential.

In my seminars, I show people what they are capable of. I pick up a glass and ask them, "If I put a goldfish of one inch in this cup, how big can it grow?" They answer, "Not that big at all."

Then I ask them, "If I take this same goldfish of one inch and throw it in a large pond, how large will it grow?" They answer, "Very large!!" Then I tell them, "We're better than goldfish because we can choose to grow."

The greatest thing is that goldfish will stop growing at some point, but our potential is unlimited. We can do anything we want to if we believe in our abilities.

There's always more that you can do. You must stay motivated throughout the day to achieve your best results. Excellence is always calling your name, will you hear the call today?

Daniel Ally

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