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The ONLY 3 Ways to Become a Millionaire

There are only 3 ways that you can create massive wealth for yourself.

Besides becoming a professional athlete or reaching fame in the arts (musician, artist, etc.) there are other legitimate ways to earn your wealth, and they'll be the same for a long time. Becoming a millionaire is more possible then ever before.

The first question before you become a millionaire is why? Why do you want to earn millions? Most people only want to become a millionaire to spend a million dollars---and that's not the right reason.

Jim Rohn once said, "When the why gets bigger, the how gets easier." This means that if you know why you're doing something, you'll always find a way to do it. When you know what you want, you'll learn how to do it.

In the process of becoming wealthy, you've got to increase the quality and quantity of service that you render. Otherwise, there's no other way to reach the financial position you seek.

As you go down this list, earning your fortune will become easier. Here are the only 3 ways to become a millionaire:

1. Specialize in a Trade: This means that you'll have to give up entry level jobs and seek schooling so that can secure you a degree in a highly specialized and in-demand professional job for the rest of your career.

For instance, if you wanted to become a doctor, nurse, lawyer, engineer, professor, architect, banker, project manager, IT specialist, executive, or any kind of specialized position that is in-demand, you would basically have to go to school for several years and secure a job of some kind in your field.

Not only will this take 5 years of more to start earning money, but you'll also have to hold a steady job for a while to pay off your school loans. Eventually, after 10 years or so, you'll be able to earn over 1 million dollars if you make the right investments with your money in your career.

2. Become a Sales Superstar: This is a better alternative since you don't necessarily have to go to school, although it would not hurt. You can obtain many positions in the United States that would pay you a commissioned-base job. This way, you can control how much you earn based on your performance.

There are many positions waiting to be dominated such as: Account management, real estate, car sales, insurance, home remodeling, and many more jobs. If you live in a city of at least 50,000 people, all you have to do is go do a search on or and you'll find dozens of sales jobs.

The virtue is mastering a sales job is that you have control over how much you would like to earn, to a certain extent. Of course, you still have a job, which may limit your freedom from living the kind of lifestyle that you want, but this is still a feasible route that could take 5 years or less, depending on your actions.

3. Build a Business: This is the easiest way to earn your millions. We've heard stories of entrepreneurs who have made their fortunes many times over because of the business that they've built. Building a business is fun and gives you maximum freedom if you do it the right way.

However, I would stay away from direct marketing firms, unless you're a sales superstar. Building a successful business requires you to create and use your own template, not that of others. The better system you can devise, the further you can go. One of the keys to building a business is that you surround yourself around the right people and stay educated.

You'll also have to break many habits that you've been taught while growing up. Besides the many hours you put into your business in the beginning, the payoff is substantial and you could earn your first million within 3 years, like I did. There are more options than ever to do this if you're willing to make it happen!

Bonus: Or you can do all. If you can specialize in a trade and become a sales superstar as you build your business, you'll be able to do what only the greatest innovators have been able to do.

Daniel Ally

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