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The #1 Reason Why You're Richer Than You Think

You're richer than you think.

On my way back home from a flight, a lady complained about how slow TSA was about checking her bags. "These people are so slow. They just take their sweet old little time."

All of her complaints focused on what's wrong instead of what's right. Did she know that she was flying first-class? Did she understand the great privilege of air travel? Did she consider the security that was offered to her?

I often find that people forget how rich they truly are. Many of us live in a rich country with numerous privileges--most of which we have never worked for.

Did you pave your streets? Did you design your clothes? Did you crush the sugar cane to sweeten your favorite desserts?

Everything that we were given were given to us at birth. Our predecessors have already established a foundation which was predicated on the values of true prosperity. This is what makes our nations great. This is why we should love paying our taxes.

Yet, many of us do not realize our great fortunes. People still talk of hard times, diseases, and lack--as though life couldn't get any better. They lead a negative life and spread their toxicity to many of those around them.

Personally, I love everyday of my life and you should too. You have everything your need to succeed. You must take the things that you have to get what you want. You must realize how rich you truly are.

Just remember, there are millions of people who would like to live where you live, eat what you eat, and do what you do. Appreciate your blessings. You can only get more when you do.

Be sure to pass this message along. Give your mother a call and give your children a kiss. Write a thank you note and make someone feel special today. These important people are waiting for your love.

You're richer than you think.

Daniel Ally

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