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Successful People NEVER Commit This Crime

Every time you have failed in life, it was because you had a 'back-up' plan.

What is a 'back-up' plan anyways? Is it some kind of permission to fail?

A 'back-up' plan is a killer for aspiring dreamers.

You would never hear Howard Schultz saying, "If Starbucks doesn't work out, I'll just be a car salesman." Nor would you hear Mark Zuckerberg say, "Man, if Facebook flops, I'll just go back to Harvard."

If you have a 'back-up' plan, you're basically expecting to fail.

I play basketball once in a while and if I took a game-winning shot and expected to miss, why would I take the shot in the first place? See, if I was confident enough, I would know I would make it, otherwise I would pass the ball before I took the shot.

And that's what a 'back-up' plan really is---a plan to miss the shot.

To pursue your dreams, you have to be absolutely certain in what you want. You can't have 'back-up' plans. For instance, I talk to many aspiring speakers and they tell me that they want to speak professionally. It sounds all great until they tell me that it's just a 'back-up' plan in case their job doesn't work out. WOW!

Go anywhere and talk to as many failures as you can meet. They'll all tell you that they have a 'back-up' plan.

Go anywhere and talk to as many successful people as you can meet. They'll all tell you that they didn't even think of a 'back-up' plan. Failure wasn't even an option for them.

To be successful in any endeavor, you have to believe in what you're doing with absolute certainty. Don't jump into opportunities without counting the costs.

Would you ever get married with a 'back-up' spouse in mind? No. That's why marriage is the leading cause of divorce. So don't do it in your professional life, unless you want to fail, like most people do.

Make every moment count and have faith in what you're doing. Ditch the 'back-up' plan and do what you love the most. If you believe in yourself, everyone else will believe in you.

What are you waiting for?

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Daniel Ally

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