February 11, 2018

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7 Easy Steps to Become Completely Debt-Free

December 6, 2017

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The 10 Laws Every Millionaire Must Follow

February 11, 2018


You must follow the laws if you want to be a millionaire.


Many people from all over the world ask me for general advice on how to become a millionaire. They come from all backgrounds, ages, religions, and skin colors. In general, they see money as the means to obtain the resources to reach their highest aspirations.


However, most people don’t want to earn a million dollars. Instead, they want to spend a million dollars. They think that mere money will make them happy; failing to understand that it’s the journey of becoming a millionaire that gives them real joy and satisfaction.


One of the biggest questions that I get from most people is, “Do you have any advice for me as I begin my journey to become a millionaire?” I do, and following these 10 laws of wealth will help you to navigate through the oceans of success and make you a millionaire:


1. Don't Work For Money: If you only work for money, money won't work for you. Instead, you should be working on building your skills. Earning money is a byproduct of building your skills. The more skilled you become in your profession, the further you can climb up the economic ladder (assuming you're in a profession with unlimited income growth).


Those who work for money will become slaves to money. Those who work to build their skills will master money, especially since handling money is also a skill. If you focus on developing the skills, you will be able to pay the bills. Conversely, if you're focused on paying the bills, you won't have time to acquire the skills. Thus, skills over bills. That's the priority. Millionaires are highly skilled.


I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. - Bruce Lee


2. Be a Student: My definition of education is ‘knowing what to do with what you have.’ There are many people who have amassed a wide range of knowledge, but do very little with their knowledge because they lack true education. Being a student is a law of wealth you cannot forfeit, unless you want to remain as ignorant as the masses.


Every day, you should be filling your notebooks with what you’ve learned. On a weekly basis, I have dozens of pages with notes. At the end of each week, I study and review my notes while asking myself, "What did I learn this week?" I have given well over 1,200 speeches and I am often surprised to find that only 3% of all the people I reach take the time to jot down some notes.


3. Focus on the 3%: There are only 3% of the people in the world who absolutely need what you offer. By focusing on the 3%, you will become incredibly rich. Let's break down the 3%: If you are reaching 100 people, 70 people may be interested; 30 will ask questions; 10 will engage deeper, but only 3% will fall in love with you. Those are your real fans. Your duty is to serve them best.


Think of all the people who really love you for who you are. There's more than you think. The 3% will follow you for the rest of your life. Not only will these people drop all engagements to attend your funeral, but they will advocate your brand to everyone they know. As you continue on your path to adding more value to more people in less time, your 3% will grow to stupendous proportions.


4. Feast on Feedback: Whether you're getting feedback from the 3% (your true fans) or the vast majority (97%), you must heed their lessons. Many times, you can only grow your results by feasting on the feedback you obtain. You must use your feedback as you test, refine, and deliver a masterful product or service. This quest for perfection is what makes millionaires who they are.


Most people accept shoddiness. They send out unedited emails, walk with untied shoes, and forget their kindness. Leaving things undone is the worst way to conduct your business. However, you can reconfigure your entire brand if you feast on your feedback, even if it's from your haters. You must tie up all loose ends and focus on how you can continue to strive for excellence in any undertaking. 


Applying feedback is the spinal cord to achievement. - Daniel Ally


5. Step Into Your Comfort Zone: Failure is highly uncomfortable, but so many people tolerate it. They settle for the house they don't want to live in, the cars they don't want to drive, and they salary that they can't enjoy. Instead, seek success: It's easy, fun, and extremely comfortable. Overcome all your fears and go for your dream. What you want, wants you even more!


Everything that I do is comfortable, however it all started when I began inspiring souls for free.  The only way you can step into your comfort zone and do what you love is by doing it for FREE. Yes, stop working for money, start building your skills, and do what you love--even if no one pays you to do it. Soon enough, you'll find a way to get paid for what you do. That's how you enjoy your life. 


If you do more than you are paid to do, you'll get paid for more of what you do. -Daniel Ally


6. Be Everywhere: In the new millennium, we've been introduce to the internet. More specifically, we have social media platforms that allow us to be everywhere, including other peoples' pockets (i.e. Smart Phones). However, you must build your following across all platforms by mastering your content. As you begin, you want to start with a general and massive appeal, then get specific as you refine your niche (not the other way around).