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7 Ways to Get Deeper Within Yourself

Everyone wants to do everything, but is anyone doing anything?

Truly, we all have potential, but we need to realize it. There's nothing worse than seeing a highly gifted person who doesn't use their talents. This just irks me.

The reason why I think this happens is because there are so many endeavors to pursue. With over 100,000 occupations available, people are still trying to reinvent themselves, but are finding little luck.

The problem is that they're watching what other people are doing instead of learning more about themselves. They're emulating people who haven't gone deep within themselves. This gives us more content in the world, but less substance. In short, we have tons of duplicates and few pioneers.

In our world, the phone keeps buzzing and emails keep popping up. Everything is calling for our attention, but we need to learn how to let go of our external world and get into our internal world.

I've devised 7 Ways to Get Deeper Within Yourself. These suggestions should help you to rise meteorically in your personal and professional life.

1. Affirm Your Success: Every day, my confidant and I talk about the success that we've achieved together. No success can happen on the individual level. You need someone to walk with you and talk with you as you make your dreams happen. Affirm your success every day by discuss what you have accomplished already and what you want to accomplish in the future.

2. Keep a Journal: For the past few years, I've been writing in my journal on a daily basis. This habit allows me to think and reflect upon the progressions in my life. I write down my experiences in great details so my great-grandchildren can read it. Recording your stories, ideas, events, jokes, and quotes can also help you retain these precious memories. Journaling is worth a fortune in the end.

3. Create a Gratitude List: Imagine if you wrote down everything you're thankful for (in your journal). Most people wait until Thanksgiving to count their blessings. Write down 5 things you are thankful each day. This will help you to count your blessings. Start with the little things. Today, I'm thankful for my marble counter-tops, especially since I once thought it was impossible to get.

4. Develop Your Life Story: I must admit, this is the most challenging one on the list. However, if you can develop your life story and share it, you will be able to learn so much more from yourself. Growing yourself is about knowing yourself. Truly, we've all experienced both pain and joy in our life, but digging deeper in your life and finding out why certain things happened can liberate you.

5. Write Letters to God: You don't necessarily have to believe in God in order to do this, although it will help. Writing a letter to God, or a higher spiritual force, will help you to express your deepest self. This process can also help you to ask the deepest questions, such as "What is the meaning of life?" or "What am I purposed to do?" Make sure you keep these letters private.

6. Create a Want's List: On the back of your journal, you can create a list of items that you would like to obtain within the next few months or years. You'll find yourself walking into situation where you'll start gathering these material goods without even realizing you did. It's amazing how it works. Remember, there's more joy in aspiring than acquiring.

7. Write Your Goals Every Day: In this world, you have to stay true to your convictions and the best way to do it is by writing your goals down every day. By writing your goals every day, you're telling the universe what you want, which will help everything get into divine order. This process will help you focus on what you do want instead of what you don't want. Success is imminent.


Grow in your convictions by developing a deeper meaning in your life. When you get within yourself, you will have the ability to harness the great powers of the universe. You will have a happier, richer, and fulfilling life once you undertake these 7 Ways to Get Deeper Within Yourself!

Daniel Ally

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