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7 Prices Every Millionaire Must Pay

If you want to be a millionaire, you've got to pay the cost to be the boss.

During the journey of wealth, there are many experiences that could make or break you along the way. If you want big money, you have to take big risk. When you calculate the risks and determine that you have what it takes to pay the price, you must devote your entire life to paying it.

Life exacts a price. Some people pay now, some pay later. Those who pay now will play later. Those who play now will pay later. Are you willing to pay the price or do you want to keep playing around?

Those who play now are those who have to pay an exorbitant price in the future. Instead of reading books, making connections, and giving back in their youth, they've decided to squander their time, money, and creativity by partaking in miscellaneous activities.

If you study miscellaneous things, you get miscellaneous results.

-Daniel Ally

However, if you choose to pay the price now, you will be a millionaire later. You will have the fun, joy, and excitement that you've always wanted. While everyone is mastering the 'cocktail hour', you're putting in the extra time, money, and creativity to materialize your dreams.

Here are The 7 Prices Every Millionaire Must Pay:

1. Focus: The distractions of life are inevitable, but the millionaire will not succumb to them. Instead, they will set a goal so large that every hour of the day will consume them. By the time distractions lurk in, these focused individuals have the discipline to turn down short-term temptations. They know that these superficial obstacles will never limit their success.

FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful. -Anonymous

2. Leadership: There comes a time where every millionaire must lead. This means that you will stop following others and use your authority to make the right decisions. Even if your actions are controversial in the eyes of others, you must do what you know is right for the majority of the people you serve. No one can become a millionaire unless they solemnly decide to become a leader.

3. Work Ethic: The motto for millionaires is "show up early and stay late." This doesn't mean that you're grinding 16 hour days for no reason. Rather, it means that you are working on purpose and following through on all of your intended activities. If you can feel good at the end of the day, you can attribute it to your work ethic.

It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts, it’s the work you put in the hours. -Sam Ewing

4. Loneliness: With all the work you'll be putting it, you'll have long moments of seclusion. These lonely times will lead you to question yourself, your values, and your beliefs. However, this happens in phases and can usually be seen as teaching experiences. Because of these times of deep reflection, you'll be able to refine your character and conquer the depths of your soul.

5. Adversity: When you're about to do something great, there may be forces that come against you. There can be many challenges you face: betrayal, fatigue, losses, etc. However, with each adversity comes equal or greater opportunity. This means that you will be able to learn and grow from your adversity and prosper in the end.

6. Preparation: Every day, you must plan your work and work your plan. You must set a specific time each day to create your schedule. Once this schedule is prioritized, you must attack the day with fierceness and determination. During your day, timing is important and you should group your corresponding activities in a way that gives you maximum results.

The best preparation for tomorrow is good work today. -Elbert Hubbard

7. Generosity: Your level of giving determines your level of living. If you want to live a life of wealth, you'll have to increase the quality and quantity of what you give. Whether it's tangible or intangible, your gifts must be joyfully given in pure love. You can stretch yourself enormously by learning how to give in bigger and better ways. Plus, you'll feel good about it.


These are the prices that you must pay if you want to be a millionaire. When you realize these ideals, you will be able to play in the game of life. You'll have everything you want and more. When you pay the cost the be the boss, you'll reach new levels of success and you'll help others do the same.

Daniel Ally

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