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7 Painful Clichés That May Be Holding You Back

In the process of mastering the English language, I've found some painful clichés in the business world that should absolutely be avoided.

Before I get into it, I must say that most of our language should be borrowed to a certain extent until we find our own. However, language is a great skill that most people should seek to develop as they eventually craft their own.

Of course, we all know that people judge us first upon who we dress, but the second thing they judge is how we speak. We tend to know exactly who people are by the words that they use. Words have prospering power.

Besides "No Problem. I'll Try, Will Do, Nobody's Perfect, It Is What It Is, and I'm Busy", here are 7 painful clichés that may be holding you back:

1. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Why would anyone want to step outside of their comfort zones? Most people have jobs that are highly uncomfortable and it makes them miserable. In fact, what you should be doing is stepping into your comfort zone.

Every time I achieved success in my business was due in large measure to the comfort that I was seeking. In other words, stepping into uncomfortable situation is incredibly awkward and unworthy of your time. I'm sure stepping into a vacation would be 'funner'. What do you think?

2. The Best Things in Life Are Free: This painful cliché was originally intended to mean that intangible emotions like happiness, joy, and satisfaction is free. However, if you look at the word "things", it's actually referring to tangible objects and most tangible objects are not 'Free'.

I'm a steak kind of guy. I don't remember the last time I got a great steak dinner for free. Nor was my Mercedes delivered to me at no charge. The best 'things' in life are not free. This cliché is usually used to keep people poor. It prevent people from utilizing professional products and services as they settle for amateur ones.

3. Think Outside the Box: The main question here is why would you think with a box in the first place? If you're listening to people who are telling you to "think outside the box", it means that you are surround by people who are in a box or trying to get outside of one.

When it comes to thinking, you don't need a box. The box originally was meant to be the enormity of conformity that all of us were conditioned to respond to. However, if we elected to 'beat the system', there would be no opportunity to 'think outside of the box', especially since we decided to 'think' in the first place!

4. What Goes Around Comes Around: Most intelligent people understand that for every cause, there is an effect. However, if you are focusing on what's going around and what's coming around, you don't have the right priorities. It also means that you're talking to people who don't understand true laws of nature.

When most people use this statement, they are usually thinking more of distributing revenge and retribution instead of love and joy. This can have a deleterious effect on a human beings and could present adverse results in your life. Instead, think about what you could do better rather than watching others.

5. Everything Happens for a Reason: Again, most people know that everything happens for a reason. If you're there still trying to figure out if there is a God or Infinite Intelligence of some kind, there is. There's no need to let people know that everything happens for a reason. Just assume it.

The problem with this statement is that you and the other person will be discussing how you've been placed there for a reason instead of getting straight to business. It will lead you to say things like, "Yah, it's such a small world" or "Great minds think alike!", which leads to nowhere.

6. Great Minds Think Alike: Ha! It would be foolish to believe that 'great minds think alike' for many reasons. First of all, everyone has a great mind. Secondly, that means that we would all think alike. Nonetheless, great minds don't think alike and that's what makes them great!

If you tell someone "Great minds think alike", then you better not be saying "Opposites attract" in the same breath. The fact is that we were all created to think differently and if someone is comparing you to themselves (which is a human who cannot create their own language), then the best you can do is RUN!

7. Better Late Than Never: Even though this is true to a certain extend, it basically grants a justification to all of those who believe it to be absolutely true. Yes, better late than never is true, but who ever said that late was good in the first place? This is a clear example of accepting an average way of living.

Therefore, late shouldn't even be considered. In fact, I like what military people say instead, "If you're not on time, you're late!" This seems to make more sense since you have to try to do everything in the fastest time possible if you're looking to achieve the highest levels of success.


If you're using these platitudes, pleasantries, and Polyanna, you may be forgiven. However, now that you know, please refrain from the great pain that you may cause to yourself and others.

On a friendlier note, language is beautiful and should be cultivated as an artistic form of art. If you're depending on bromides to get by in life, you need to seek new ways of communicating yourself. It will make everyone richer in the end.

Daniel Ally

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