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7 Networking Tips From a Real Millionaire

It's not who you know, it's what you know.

That's right, I just switched it up. After all, you wouldn't know anyone if you didn't know anything. Applying your knowledge strategically is the major key to networking. Using your knowledge will open doors to new networks and enhance your ability to seize opportunities.

When it comes to networking, I've seen people from numerous industries make colossal mistakes. From inebriating themselves at Chamber of Commerce meetings to sticking around late just to stick around late at night, most people end up wasting precious time in their networking endeavors.

However, there are different approaches to take. You don't have wealthy or influential to try them, but I promise you that these networking tips will help you get to the next level. Here are 7 Networking Tips From a Real Millionaire:

1. What You Know: This leads you to who you know. Experts respect experts, regardless of their industry. If you can teach me something new about cheese or what it's like wearing a hard hat at a construction job, I'm listening. Conversations like these add a new perspective and zest in your life.

The savvy networker is exchanging ideas all the time. They do not withhold their knowledge, but instead disseminates their ideas relentlessly. They drop hints and clues while strategically planting seeds among everyone they meet. In short, they give out ideas without remembering and receive them without forgetting.

2. Follow Up: Many opportunities are gained by a simple email or phone call. Overtime, you'll learn that the fortune is in the follow up. I'm sure you've heard people say, "Ya, I'll get back to ya on that one!" Frankly, 95% of people don't follow up because they have anything valuable to offer.

People aren't as busy as they say they are, so make an effort to reach out. On my calendar, I immediately place a certain time in which I plan to call people. It's a system that has added millions to my bank accounts. I have also been able to retain resourceful friendships for a number of years because of this easy habit.

3. Internet Presence: As we approach the 20's in the new millennium, people are heavily relying on social media platforms and websites to gain information about you. They 'Google' you before and after your conversations with them and expect to find what they're looking for. If they don't, they leave immediately.

This means that all of your social profiles must be top notch. While amateurs are saving money and doing it themselves, professionals are becoming overnight experts by investing in a company that can do it better and faster than they ever can. My company, Dignify Designs, may have the solutions you need. Reach out.

4. Language: No matter where you go, people judge appearances first, but language second. This means that you must seek to refine your language on a daily basis and use words that build the picture that you're trying to paint in the minds of other people. Failure to do this is called conformity.

Most people conform to old cliches and think they're making an impact. I usually know who I'm dealing with, especially when they say, "Will do." Moreover, your language is the tool the release the heavens of you mind. You should read the dictionary on a daily basis to find out what I mean.

5. Location: For many years, I lived in a small town called Camp Hill, PA. It was a wonderful place to live, but my opportunities to succeed at the highest level were limited. Like a sunflower in a small mailbox and no sunshine, it didn't allow me to grow to my fullest height: 6 ft.

A mentor of mine told me, "Daniel, you've got to move to a different zip code!" After that life-changing advice, I moved to Northern Virginia within 6 months. I now live in one of the finest communities among the richest people I've ever met. I can meet famous people, even when I go to the gym. Move if you must.

6. Social Class: You must also have the right position. I started out on welfare for a dozen years in the Bronx, so you can't tell me nothin'. However, my ways have changed substantially and I've discovered more eloquent ways of expressing myself. How you act plays a big part in where you go.

I can earnestly tell you that most millionaires don't hang out with thousandaires, especially if they act like it. However, some rich folks will give you a chance as long as they see you trying. You must make your best effort to look, act, sound, and think like the person you want to become. You'll get there!

7. Give Yourself Away: You success is in direct proportion to how easy you make it for others. If you find ways to serve people without recompense, you will be rewarded with an immaculate network of those who want to serve you. You must be relentless in your giving and add value to everyone you meet.

Being resourceful without expecting reciprocation is the key to networking like a millionaire. You may not think that you have something to offer, but even a simple compliment or guidance can dramatically alter someone's life. Continue to sow your seeds generously and you'll find that many of them will grow.


Networking is a great way to create and maintain relationships. Moreover, you need to find a way to transact with those you meet. You must seek ways to offer solutions to other peoples' problems. If you're not transacting and making decisions at one point or another, you're simply not networking. Enjoy building your rich network.

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Daniel Ally

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