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4 Ways to Find Your Deepest Wealth

What’s your definition of wealth?

Most people think wealth is only money. They think its net worth. Some think it's about material possessions, like cars, clothes, food. Some even think it's about the kind of lifestyle you live.

However, the dictionary defines wealth as abundance. Wealth is a profusion of anything: knowledge, friendship, skills, wines, or anything else. Wealth can be tangible or intangible. And yes, you can include money in there too, whether it's on a credit card, in your wallet, or in your bank account.

To me, wealth is more than a dollar amount; it's a state of mind. A single mother in her mid-twenties with four children told me how wealthy she was. This woman made only $10 per hour, but she had skills, time, and incredible energy. Even more, she had a dream and a plan to execute that dream.

As you can see, even the poor can be wealthy. A homeless man who finds a lukewarm meal in the trash may be considered wealthy. So can a child from a third world country who finds a pair of used sandals.

Moreover, a billionaire who doesn't enjoy his cheesecake with his wife cannot be considered wealthy. In fact, his soul could be considered exceedingly discontent with his position in life, even though his external surroundings may be in 'mint' condition.

Obviously, anyone can be wealthy. Wealth is a choice that you must consciously make. If you want to be wealthy you can. If you want poverty, you can have it too. Some people accept wealth, others deny it.

Here are 4 Ways to Find Your Deepest Wealth:

1. Take Inventory: When you wake up, make it a habit to count your blessings. Take inventory of everything you have: car, clothes, food, phones, friends, work, etc. When you appreciate the things that you have, you will get more of what you want.

Some people make it a habit of cursing what they have. They'll say, "This car is a stupid piece of junk!" or "My wife doesn't understand me!" They need to realize that they have the wealth they need, but they must appropriate it and use it to their advantage. When they do, everything will work out for them.

2. See the Opportunities: I always cringe when a young person with potential tells me, "There aren’t any opportunities around here." The other day, a man told me this, yet he lived in Manhattan! It's not that there aren't opportunities, it's just that you must have the eyes to see them.

When I lived in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, I thought the same way. I remember saying, "Everyone around here is 'stuck-up'. There are only a couple thousand people in this area and everyone thinks they know everything!" However, when I changed the way I looked at the area, I began to find my wealth and became immensely popular. Opportunities were soon easy to find.

To change your reality, you must change your mentality. -Daniel Ally

3. Gain More Skills: Everyone has skills. Wealthy people have a lot of them. Many people don't take their skills seriously. Some people downplay them. They act as though they have no value at all. They'll say, "Oh, I'm just a dumb old carpenter." When they say this, they cheat themselves out of their wealth.

Whether you're a carpenter, CEO, or a car salesman, you have many opportunities in this world. You can always work on your skills and advance to higher levels. If you take your skills seriously, you'll have a greater chance of being promoted. Are you willing to put in the time, money, and energy to build your skills?

4. Don't Doubt: Over the years, I've seen a lot of people doubt. They doubt themselves, their jobs, their families, their retirement plan, and much more. Unfortunately, there are many skeptics in the world who need to see proof of everything before they move on. If this is you: Don't Doubt.

Instead, have faith. Sometimes you have to trust yourself and other people. Trust the process. Trust the plan. Trust your path. When you feed your faith, your fears will starve to death. When you believe in yourself, everyone else will believe in you. Get inspired and change the way you perceive the world.


To find your wealth, you must be conscious of what you think, feel, say, and do. Hold yourself accountable and understand that wealth is possible in your life. Enjoy all of your life experiences and don't try to be like other people. After all, success is about being yourself; jealousy is about being someone else. Be your highest self and you will end up a very wealthy person.

Daniel Ally

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