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3 Ways to Overcome Generational Curses-Forever

What piece of history has your family left with you?

For many people, there's been all forms of abuse: Drugs, Incest, Gambling, Alcoholism, Gossip, Lack of Education, Poverty, Physical and Verbal Abuse, and an unlimited amount of debilitating addictions.

Many of these behaviors can hold us back for years, and often, a lifetime. However, we must shake them off. Along the way, there are many breakthroughs waiting happen, but we must get to the core of the truth before it does.

Recently, I've had a personal experience which has allowed me to cast off these accusers of the past. I would try to go about in my life and then there would be a reminder that would make me to feel useless, worthless, and inadequate.

No more.

The bondage in our past life can be released from our souls if we trust a Higher Power. In our affairs, there is a deep calling to get real with ourselves and never let these behaviors destroy our lives. We cannot let our past burden our future.

Here are 3 Ways to Overcome Generational Curses--Forever:

1. Confront and Forgive: We must confront those who have hurt us most. I personally approached someone this year who has abused me in nefarious fashion. I pulled him to a corner and forgave him. He acted as though it didn't happen at first, but soon busted into tears, apologizing with utmost sincerity.

Forgiveness is the best response. We all have people we need to forgive. I could have easily harbored anger and hate for the rest of my life, but I chose to deal with this dilemma as a man. Who has betrayed you in the past? When will you confront and forgive them? Will you do it before the end of the year?

2. Stop and Pray: An adrenaline rush will come when it's time to partake in certain behaviors. Your animal-like instincts may seem insuppressible for the moment, but you must stop immediately and get back to reality. You must stop all bestial actions today. No one needs to see or feel your pain. Not even you.

You may have been taken advantage of in the past, but you must not let it affect others. Take a moment and pray to God, asking for forgiveness and change. It may seem like a demanding task, but it must be done. Prayer is the hardest act in the world, but it has powers that can release you for the rest of your life.

3. Ignore: Fantasies of the past will infiltrate your mind and tempt you incessantly. However, you must walk away from that evil endeavor that may be calling your name. When it comes to doing something that you don't want to do, ignorance is a tool that must be used. Ignore the instinct to fail.

Sin is lurking. It's temptation seeps through our computers, phones, and everything. The temptation to indulge into an old behavior is daunting, but you must hold yourself back. Scriptures say, "If your hand causes you to sin, chop it off!" Don't chop off your hand when you can simply ignore these temptations.


There is a great space in all of us that only God can fill. Many of us look for answers and ask daily questions and we search for our souls. The real answer is in Jesus Christ and He can heal you from your past. He can change your life forever. Pick up the New Testament in the Bible and learn more about God. There's nothing more important than knowing Jesus Christ.

He will change your life.


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