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3 Truths About Leaving the Job You Hate

I wanted to start my business, but I was stuck at my job--the job I hated.

On my way to a speech one day, my wife asked me, "Are you going to continue to tell people that they're going to die or are you going to tell people that they are going to live?"

As I gripped the steering wheel firmly, I was dazed at her profound question. It was as if a Higher Power spoke directly to me.

You see, I worked for an insurance company at the time. My daily goal was to talk to a minimum of five people. I would tell them, "Mr. Smith, you'll need to get your final affairs in order. This insurance policy will help you prepare for your funeral within the next 5 years or so."

If I wasn't visiting prospects for my insurance company, I was out giving speeches. I would tell my audience, "You have to get serious about your dreams if you want to make this happen. You've got to take a risk. It's the only way you can make it happen!"

This day was different. On that same night, I took my green polo shirts from my job and burned it with my wife. During this 10-minute ceremony, we enjoyed ice cream while I told her, "We'll never work another job for the rest of our lives."

Like many of us, there are moments in our lives where we are deeply confronted with the truth. What would my answer be? How would I get this dream started? What must I do to make it a reality?

Those were the questions we all ask before we decide on doing something BIG.

Here are 3 Truths About Leaving the Job You Hate:

1. Confront Duality: In many cases, we live a life of duality. One day, we want unlimited success and happiness, and then under the same breath, we curse those who are successful and happy. We sometimes say to ourselves, "Well, he's doing fine, but he doesn't have _______."

Or sometimes we say, "I want to earn a million dollars, but I don't want to do the work." In short, we often contradict ourselves and fall into the pit of erroneous thinking. Moreover, I've found that if you want to live a successful life you must know the truth about what you want to accomplish and then take action.

2. Find Your Truth: Knowing the truth should be the goal for all of us. But how do we know the truth when we listen to all these voices in our head? In our world, we hear the negative voices telling us all the time, "You can't do it. It's not a reality. It's never been done before. It's impossible."

However, do we hear the positive voices? "You're powerful. You can do anything. You have everything you need too succeed." If we listen to the truth, we'll be able to cut through the clutter to gain more clarity in our dreams. The truth will always prevail.

3. Burn Your Bridges: Add some drama while you make the decision to turn your life around. Whether if it is taking a sledgehammer to your junky car or cutting up your credit cards, use some kind of symbolism that will add more meaning to your life. Add some flavor to your life.

By doing this, you will give yourself full authority to pursue your dreams with no strings attached. However, make sure that no one is hurt in the process of burning these bridges. Allow yourself to be liberated as you confidently walk into the direction of your intended purpose.


The next time you're in a dilemma with yourself, ask your inner voice, "What if I actually went out and lived my dream?" What you'll find is that you have a deep fortress of strength, power, and truth within you.

That's all you need, so give it everything you've got.

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Daniel Ally

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