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10 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves

One of my favorite clients inquired, "Daniel, as a leader of a large company, are there any particular questions that I should be asking myself?"

Great Question!

Questions are a way of life and those who ask them will have the most control. While most people are seeking answers, real leaders seek questions. Questions will automatically give you the right answers. However, answers may not always give you the right questions.

When someone asks a question, you can usually discern their level of understanding. Of course, the most intelligent and powerful person will most often ask the best questions. Truly, your level of questions will determine your level of success.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”

― Voltaire

When it comes to becoming a leader, there are many questions that you should ask. The first question that I would ask is "Why should I become a better leader?" Why would you want to become a better leader in the first place? This is a question (or answer) you should figure out yourself.

We can go on to ask more questions, such as "How do I do it?" or "When should I do it?" However, these questions are basic and you can ask them on your own. Here are 10 thought-provoking questions that every leader should ask themselves:

1. Did I do everything I could today to make tomorrow the way I want it to be? At the end of each day, you either rejoice or regret what you did in your day. If you've done everything you could today, tomorrow will always work itself out. This way, you'll make everyday count towards your success.

2. How would the person I would like to be do what I'm about to do? One of my mentors taught me this question. What you're basically asking is, "If I were in the year 2020, would I make this decision right now?" This will allow you to behave like the person that you've been striving to be.

3. Who could have helped me today if I had only asked? There isn't a day that goes by where you could have asked for more help. Almost everyone you need is a phone call or email away. Are there some mutually beneficial tasks which you can get others to do for you? Leaders share responsibilities.

4. How would I act today if I knew that I would be getting what I want tomorrow? We all have a deep promise within us. Some of us just need faith to activate that promise. If you were 100% sure of your future, how would you act if you knew that everything that you wanted will come to fruition?

5. What are 3 major improvements that I can make within the next 30 days? We all have improvements that we need to make in our lives. They constantly nag at us and we need to address them. Instead of running away from them, seek to improve your life by enhancing yourself by dealing with these issues.

Don't answer your questions, question your answers

6. How can I deliver more value to more people in less time? We all know that I'm famous for asking this question. In short, ask yourself, "How do I become better to more people in the fastest way possible?" It will also help you to expand your influence. This question changed my life completely.

7. If I could change one thing about myself that's been holding me back, what would it be? This is a tough question since many of us are in denial when it comes to changing the habits hold us back the most. Whether you are struggling financially, slightly overweight, or smoking cigarettes, deal with it as soon as possible.

8. If there was one goal that I must accomplish within the next 3 months, what would it be? Get serious with yourself and focus on the one goal that you need to accomplish within the next few months. If you do, you will make tremendous strides in your life and overcome many obstacles.

9. How do I give more of myself to those that are in need of me? Right where you are, there are many people who need your help. If you know of any way that you can help, make sure you do it. Whether you're working your local homeless shelter or reading poems to hospital patients, these people need you.

10. How do I increase the quality and quantity of my work? Getting better at what you do is only going to help those you serve. Speeding up your work (automation, mass-production, delegation, etc.) is another way to serve those people on a greater scale with your excellent product or service.

More Questions to Consider:

What did I want that I didn't ask for today?

What would I do if I knew I could not fail?

What must I do to love all of the people I meet?

What is the best use of my time right now?

What do I want my attitude to be right now?

How do I do what I'm currently doing on a massive scale?

What is my life mission? What exactly was I born to do?


Keep these questions written somewhere around you. I personally have a few of them on post-it notes in my office. Ponder over your favorite ones everyday for the next 30 days. Watch how quickly your life will change! Also, be sure to send me other questions that you have that I haven't written yet!

Do you like this article? Please comment and share what you've learned. Our community is waiting your response...

Daniel Ally

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