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The 10 Levels of Reaching Massive Success

Over the past few years, tens of thousands of people have asked me for the secrets for achieving massive success. I’m always eager and willing to do teach them, but I don’t always get the chance to reach them all. However, I bet you’ll have a great time indulging on what I believe it truly takes to live your dreams.

Let's get straight to the points!

The 10 Levels of Reaching Massive Success:

1. You Don’t Know Where to Start: You might feel stuck right now, but you know that you can start your dream. You've seen other people who started and know that it’s possible. You can see a potential change in your life, but there isn't quite the clarity to jump in yet, so you may have to wait and watch for a while.

Advantage: You have a seed of greatness, but you need to evaluate yourself and begin your quest toward personal development. At this point, you'll need to study and research all you can until you find your passion.

2. I Can Do This: After reading a dozen of books and talking with some friends, you know deep in your heart that you can start a business. You realize your entrepreneurial prowess and ambition in your early years and you’re ready to test it out. You have done the research, but haven’t taken the leap yet.

Advantage: You can start your dream as soon as you believe you can! Since you're more prepared than you give yourself credit for, it's time to make a decision and act on your dreams.

3. Figuring it Out: You finally started your dream, but you’re still figuring it out. You’re savings account and/or credit cards are supporting you for now, but it won’t last long. You should be seeking a business coach within these first 6 months. You've done mostly free or cheap work up to this point, but there have been a few clients who have been able to pay. Within the same year, you should start charging higher fees.

Advantage: You are learning and realize that every moment is an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. This expansion allows you to become better and help more people along the way. You should also be ready to quit your job, if you haven't already.

4. Grind Mode: You're still within 1-3 years of starting your dream, but you are still on “Grind Mode.” You might be losing sleep or worrying about paying the bills, but you’re more confident in your ability to serve. You're battling uphill, even though your income is steadily rising. You must still say "yes" to every opportunity. You should also be able to receive some form of recognition from your local community.

Advantage: You’re constantly breaking through and learning about yourself and your dream. You'll gather many testimonials and referrals from your clients because you've done a good job.

5. It’s Working Out: By now, you should have a reliable income stream. Clients should be calling you now and requesting your services. You're also gaining tremendous respect within the community and the marketplace is beginning to reward you for your efforts. You're also about to receive a major breakthrough if you keep going. You should have at least a couple employees, both part-time and full-time.

Advantage: You've already passed 90% of people in the world.

6. Cash Flow: This is where the residual money starts to pour in. You already have a handful of loyal clients and they advocate for you too. Your rent, living expenses, and bills are covered for a good six months. You should have a 6-figure income within 18 months, depending on your type of business.

Advantage: Your leadership may be required on a national level if you choose to participate. You may also need to hire some employees if you want to expand your dreams.

7. Balling: You've been living your dreams for at least 3 years and you’ve had your ups and downs already. You have helped thousands of people already and you should be well on your way to financial independence. You also have a pivotal role in the marketplace and can select your own clients and projects. This means you don't need to say "yes" to every single opportunity.

Advantage: People will start asking you for money and advice and you’ll be able to give it to them, if you want to. You'll also be deeply niched enough to be famous within a sector of your industry.

8. Millionaire’s Club: By the time you reach 5-10 years (20 years at the latest), you should be a legend in your industry. You’re financially independent and surely do business around the nation or even internationally. You're a hero in the eyes of many people. You’re easy to talk to, but hard to reach.

Advantage: You can keep building your dream or retire. You have all the cards because you've played the game. Your rules. Your success. Your choice.

9. You're an Icon: You've made it big in your industry and have thousands of loyal fans, but not everyone knows you yet. Still, you make an great impact and rub shoulders with billionaires and A-List celebrities. If you sought more publicity, you could be internationally famous, but you must get lucky. They might even start naming buildings, streets, and restaurants after you.

Advantage: If you ever passed away, you will make national news. New people will learn about you after your death and some will fall in love with you.

10. You're a Massive Success: Everyone knows your name. Like Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan, Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bob Marley, and Madonna, you've won the fandom of millions of people. Of course, some will hate and some will love, but you can't please them all. Either way, you'll be remember far beyond your life and people will remember you as a person, as well as a true professional.

Advantage: After a lifetime of refining your craft, people will respect you on the highest level. You will be talked about by millions of people after your passing because you're a rare legend who has had the chance of changing the lives of millions of people.


The toughest part about climbing the ladder of success is getting past the overwhelming crowd at the bottom. The naysayers, haters, cynics, and critics will take a backseat as you keep up your diligence with mastering your craft. As Frank Sinatra said, "The best revenge is massive success." When you reach your massive success, you'll write the history books and change the entire world!

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Daniel Ally

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