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5 Levels of Money in Our Society

Money is an important subject.

However, it is something that most people refuse to talk about. People go to school, work, and church, but money is rarely discussed. At home, you don’t get the lessons that will take you much further than the people who raised you. You must search for the answers on your own, if you're brave enough to do it.

Most people happily accept their pay as long as it consistently provides for the family. While the majority of people are content with their means, there are still millions of people who want a better understanding of money.

Through deep research and introspection I've found that there are 5 Levels of Money in Our Society. Since I've been on all 5 Levels, I can share with you my own personal experiences and what I found through conversations with thousands of people who have money.

Here are The 5 Levels of Money in Our Society:

1. Debt: Not surprisingly, most people are in debt. Go to the malls, movies, and museums and more than half the people you see are in debt. This means that they actually owe other people money. Think about that. They are ‘indebted’ to someone else’s wallet.

Most people don’t know what debt means. For instance, when they sign up for college loans or credit cards, they don’t know about interest rates. Usually, it comes back up to ‘bite’ them. It’s not because debt is bad. What’s bad is that they are uneducated about the proper usage of debt.

When a person lives in debt, they panic. Some even lose confidence. They usually feel victimized. They feel behind. They tend to take fewer risks. They contract instead of expand. They knew they should have been more diligent. Sometimes, they feel like it’s too late.

However, there is always a chance for improvement. If you or someone else you know is in debt, there are many options available. Personally, I believe in earning more money. If you can’t earn more, then face your debt situation by finding out what you owe and who you owe it to. If you can, sell all your liabilities and live below your means. Finally, work to pay your debts until you owe nothing.

A bad system will beat a good person every time. –Daniel Ally

2. Scarcity: Most people are taught to live in scarcity. In fact, many people face verbal or physical abuse if they misuse their resources. For instance, when I left the light on at my house or drank too much milk, my parents would let me hear it. Was there enough milk? Was there enough light? I wasn’t quite sure until I reached my early twenties.

I know people who will eat everything on their plate. They either believe that it might be their last meal or they might not get another hot plate of food ever again. Either way, people who live in scarcity are taught to look out for themselves. They believe that everyone is out to get them, so they must protect their belongings.

This restricted thought leads us to lack. If a person thinks they cannot get enough, they will begin to withhold their resources from others. They will begin to believe that things are ‘theirs’. This is where people begin to get cocky and prideful once they get a taste of success. This is the reason they ‘forget’ where they came from when they make it.

This ‘mine and thine’ attitude is the most destructive force in the universe. It leads to poverty, jealousy, envy, greed, and many other evils. To combat this, we must learn how to give freely: Our ideas, our bodies, our time, our money, and our resources. When we show generosity, we get more because we gave more.

A good example of this are my teachings. Many people ask me how I’ve amassed so much knowledge. The reason is simple. I give it all away. In my speeches, articles, videos, and interviews I share all my knowledge. I firmly believe that when I teach everything I know, I’ll learn more than I could ever teach. By giving, anyone can defeat scarcity and reach prosperity.

Your level of living is determined by your level of giving –Daniel Ally

3. Enough: A large number of people are comfortable with their current lifestyles. They have enough for themselves and their families, but haven’t been able to save for the future or other goals in their lives. Many of them are open to freelancing and entrepreneurial ideas, but few will take the risk and do it.

People who have ‘enough’ could also have a lot more in their lives. They are settlers, which is the biggest trap in humanity. It leads to conformity. Moreover, the people who have ‘enough’ worry about money the most. They deny most luxuries, which leads to a boring life.

For business owners, it causes them to scramble for cash. In desperate attempts to make a sale, these entrepreneurs show that they will do anything for the money, even if it hurts them. They end up taking business they don’t want with people they don’t like. They’ll get the money, but they might not be happy in the end.

To get past this level, you must search for other means of income. If a couple hundred or thousand a month will help you save some money, then go for it. Be willing to sacrifice some family time and give up ‘work-life’ balance. Do whatever it takes to get more than enough. You’ll be happier in the end.

Money comes with great responsibility. –Daniel Ally

4. Excess: Everyone would enjoy having excess money, right? I used to think that until I found people who actually hate money. Some of these people literally throw away their money on useless expenditures because they haven’t set their minds to having it. If they have an extra $500 at the end of the month, they’ll find a way to spend it, even if it doesn’t satiate their real needs or desires.

For most people, there is never too much money. If they haven’t sabotaged themselves by being a spendthrift, they have the opportunity to pocket some money at the end of the month. Most people are able to save $10,000-$100,000 at any given time, but the money never really surpasses their needs for over 6-12 months, depending on their lifestyles.

In fact, this excess money barely passes their ‘Emergency’ fund. Most people are taught to fear for a crisis. They are taught to save for a rainy day, which is a day of chaos and complete destruction. Because of this negative thought, they expect evils to appear in their lives, which can instantly evaporate their savings. Save for “Sunny” Days instead if you want the best in life.

If anything, start a ‘Hustle’ Fund. This is an opportunity account which will allow you to expand your wealth. Hopefully, you can build your income by using this money to create more assets. The worst thing to do is to just let your money sit there. You must allow your money to work for you!

If your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep becomes your downfall.

–Bill Earle

5. Wealthy: This is where you’ll find the proverbial 5%. They are people who use debt correctly. They rarely think in scarcity. They always have excess cash. They usually have everything they want in life. If they don’t, they know how to get it and will have it within a reasonable time.

Wealthy people know how to produce value in the marketplace on command. This means that they can produce cash flow because they have systems in place working for them. By either automating or delegating their tasks, they can add value to more people in the shortest amount of time.

When it comes to money, wealthy people are diligent. They have systems in place that work in their favor. They read their bills, sign their checks, keep their receipts, record their expenditures, and evaluate all prices and financial decisions. They’ve mastered the ability to channel their emotions to earn, spend, save, invest, and give away their money in the wisest ways possible.

If you get the chance to taste wealth, you will receive great respect in the world. People will naturally gravitate toward you because you think at the highest level. Becoming wealthy is something that must happen and will happen if you’re determined enough to do it.

If you do more than you’re paid to do, you’ll get paid more than you do.

–Daniel Ally


Decide which level of money you’re on right now. Try to learn what it takes to get to the next level, if you want. There’s always a way to earn and save more, but you must become conscious of where you currently are right now. If you’re truthful with your position and earnestly seek to change, money will be abundantly provided.

You better expect it.

Daniel Ally

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