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The 6 Investments ALL Rich People Make

Anyone can become richer by investing in only six main areas.

Even if you start off poor, you can become richer if you put your time, money, and energy into the right areas. Personally, I have seen the differences between the rich and poor. Because I chose to be rich, I have increased my own income on a consistent basis.

If you abide by these five investments, no matter who you are, your life will become increasingly richer. Here are The Six Investments ALL Rich People Make:

1. People: Those who truly desire wealth will ensure that they fully understand how rich people think. They will spend their time making observations about others and even paying to attend certain events like conferences, networking events, and philanthropic dinners. They will respectfully offer a fee to meet with these people individually.

This doesn't mean that they're gold diggers. In fact, they are seeking a more refined lifestyle because they've firmly accepted that wealth is available to them. They pay to see richer people because they believe they can heed lessons during their path to attaining wealth. To be rich, you must study rich people and learn their ways.

When you invest in people, the profits will come. - Daniel Ally

2. Places: Before a person becomes wealthy, they must dwell in richer places. If they are surrounded by ghettos and misfortune, what can they learn about wealth? However, if they walk into a luxurious hotel, they will marvel at the glittering gold and sparkling chandeliers. They will observe superior service and unparalleled refinement.

Moreover, there are many luxurious places one can go to observe wealth, even without paying a price: malls, car dealerships, homes for sale, yachts, galleries, museums, and many other places. If you desire to learn more about wealthy ideas as you expand your own creativity, make a list of these places and visit every weekend, if you can.

You can't have a million-dollar bank account with a 50 cent mentality.

-Daniel Ally

3. Things: If you come from poor conditions, like I have, then you know how frustrating it can be to put up with shoddiness: the clocks that don't work, the toothbrush that won't last, the knife that won't cut, the car that keeps clunking. The list never ends if you've been trained to be poor. However, this is not a permanent condition and can be changed immediately.

With a meager income, one can still afford to buy a superior product once in a while. Keep in mind that the product or service will NOT make the person richer, but the way he or she thinks about themselves will. The faith given and hope expanded will allow them to ask the creative question, "What can I do to afford this?" rather than the unfortunate phrase, "It's too expensive, we can't afford it." Your choice.

If you're still struggling with price, you aren't as rich as you want to be.

- Daniel Ally

4. Professional Services: The smartest investment a growing professional can make is full-blown services. To reach higher levels of wealth, they delegate the trivia of minor responsibilities. They salivate at the moment of standing out in the crowd and relish in the refinement of their character. In short, they hire professionals to take care of their personal and professional needs.

Unfortunately, most people will take the amateur route to professional improvement. They will tweak their own resumes, build their own websites, and polish their own nails. Although the job will get done, it will not provide the authority necessary to impress the marketplace. Conversely, if a person decides to spend money on professional help, they will make tremendous strides in becoming infinitely richer.

Professionals hire Professionals; Amateurs hire Amateurs. - Daniel Ally

5. Mindset: Many people will claim to be stuck, but have failed to put a dollar in their mind. They meander through life, uneducated and unprepared. Some are deceived by the notion that college will teach one about wealth, but are often thoroughly misguided and highly disappointed once they realize that their college degree was only equivalent to massive debt.

If you look into the homes of the wealthiest people, the majority will have a sizable library. When glancing into the homes of the poorest people, you'll find more venues of entertainment rather than education. With great ignorance, the average middle class household will drop 10% of their salary on vacations, but will never open their wallets to an educative seminar, course, or set of books. They often complain about their poverty while the rich will prosper even more!

Rich people invest in their intelligence; poor people invest in their ignorance. - Daniel Ally

6. Financial Assets: Becoming rich can only happen when you understand the difference between an asset and liability. Even though some of the aforementioned suggestions advocate what seems to be liabilities (materialistic needs), a healthy understanding and utilization of the financial markets are highly necessary for those who want to attain lasting wealth.

As you begin educating yourself on the mindset of wealth, you must then study the financial markets. Understanding credit, stocks, bonds, real estate, and other financial ideas can help you to access the higher echelons of money. In short, once you're able comprehend the feeling of wealth, you will be able to expand it by applying your current income into the financial assets of your choice. This is the secret of the rich.


These six investments must be carefully considered if you plan to attract wealth to your life. Quite frankly, it's all available to you, but will you muster up the courage to exercise your divine right to wealth? If so, you will be able to harness the power of moving up the economic ladder and blessing a larger number of people along the way.

When you do, give me a call!

Daniel Ally

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