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The Real Truth About My Age

Some think Daniel is twenty; others think he’s forty.

Some think he is tall, but to others he’s a shorty.

When he’s with his father, they look like brothers.

When he’s with his sister, he looks like her father.

When he’s with his mother, he looks like he’s older.

When he’s with his brother, he looks like he’s younger.

When he exercises with younger people, they think he’s a lot older.

When he exercises with older people, they think that he’s a lot younger.

When he rides a bike, he looks like he’s a child.

When he drives a car, he looks like a man.

When he was younger, he wanted to be older.

When he got older, he wanted to be younger.

If he has a younger client, he may get more respect.

If he has an older client, they might feel a disconnect.


If the client is younger, they may hate and be jealous.

If the client is older, they may relate and be zealous.

...either way...

If Daniel Ally told you what his age was, why would you care?

The only reason you want to know is so you can compare!

Daniel Ally

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