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The 4 Secrets to Mastering Your Time

You can never get your time back.

Let me make this quick and give you the 4 D's to Time-Management:

1. Do It: The most obvious thing you can do with any project is doing it now. Many people get stuck because of their emotions. Sometimes there is an inner conflict that we have before we get a specific task done. If you knew how you felt about a project, it would be easier. Having bigger goals would help too.

Example: Let's say you had a big project to complete. The best thing to do is to select a day and complete the task, no matter how long it takes. Figure out what you need to do and why you need to do it--then get it done! Remember, one complete task is better than five incomplete tasks.

2. Delegate It: Sometimes we need to distribute certain tasks to others. This may not be easy because most people want control. We want to do it all. However, we must let go of the things that others can do better. Delegating can save significant time, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

Example: Since I work at home, I have some helpers that allow me to accomplish more tasks each day. For instance, I have a housekeeper who comes by often and cleans my entire house. I never have to lift a finger. Never do a $1 task if you want to be a millionaire.

3. Delay It: Some of the projects we take on may seem to be a great priority, but it isn't always the right timing for the project. Sometimes we need to delay a project in order to gain clarity, change our approach, or get inspired before we take on the task.

Example: When I wrote my first book, I thought it was such a high priority. However, when I would sit at my typewriter to write, it couldn't come out. I decided that I would delay it. When I picked it up 6 months later. I wrote the 200+ page within 10 days. It was the right time.

4. Dump It: How many tasks could you dump right now? There are just too many responsibilities to put your attention on the ones that don't matter. It's okay to dump some tasks. After all, some responsibilities have nothing to do with your success.

Example: Let's say you're subscribed on a bunch of email lists. At first, you used to keep up, but now it's unimportant. Dump the task of reading these emails by unsubscribing. Take control of your life and get it done. You'll save more time in the process.

Do it, Delegate it, Delay it, or Dump it!

Daniel Ally

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