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How Millionaires Structure Their Day: Step-by-Step

What are your daily habits?

This is one of the most common question I get asked. In this article, I'll explain my mindset and how I structure my day. I'll also give you a realistic template on how you can create explosive results for yourself.

You ready?

Before I start, another big question I should address is, "What time do you wake up?" To be honest, it doesn't matter. We all have about 16 working hours in a given day. The more important question is, "What do you do to motivate yourself every day?"

The answer is simple: I ask questions. The first question I ask myself when I wake up is "How can I add more value to more people in less time?" This question is so profound that TIME Magazine even noticed it!

Basically, the question is asking, "How do I increase the quality and quantity of service I deliver, so that I can benefit from the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time?"

Read it again.

This puts my mindset in order and helps me to set my standards at the highest level. It keeps me from drifting, and it pushes me to my biggest goals. Let's get to how I structure my day, step-by-step:

First 3 Hours-Read, Study, Plan: I use the first three hours of the day to massage my mind with spiritual, emotional, and mental preparation. I start by reading the Bible, praying, then selecting a book or two to read. When it comes to reading, I'll dwell on ten pages for a while; other times I'll skim and scan hundreds of pages at a time. Either way, it shapes my mind and cultivates my soul!

Once my mind is right, I write down the top three tasks that must be done. I list sub-goals, which could be dozens of important, but small tasks that must be completed that day. I'll then decide to do it, delegate it, or dump it entirely. I might even cook breakfast for myself, have my chef do it for me, or pick up at a restaurant. The first three hours is the most critical time of the day.

Next 6-8 Hours-Work and Errands: By the time I get around to the second part of my day, I'm highly motivated and actively looking to dominate my tasks. I'll try to group my activities in four different ways:

1. Creating & Producing: writing, speaking, coaching, social media posting, etc.

2. Business: follow-up calls, closing deals, negotiating contracts, emails, traveling, etc.

3. Team-building: encouraging, leading, teaching, hiring, and firing employees

4. Errands: personal or professional duties

Because I'm highly impulsive, I'll even walk away from my business and let my managers take over. I'll have a moment of leisure, but I'll always come back at a later hour to finish my work. If I need frequent breaks, I'll give myself all day to do my work, which keeps my schedule flexible and workable.

Next 4 Hours-Recreation: You'll see me in the gym five times per week. I play multiple sports and take weight-lifting very seriously. Each week, I usually do two heavy workouts and three light workouts. It keeps me in shape and gives me a private moment to be in my mind. I also use this time to network with others, if I'm feeling it.

Recreation time includes other activities too. I like to do many activities: fine wining and dining, attending a ballgame, chatting by the lake, listening to jazz music, or enjoying a nice day at the spa. I take play time seriously. However, if I need to do business, I'll step away if it's highly important.

Last 3 Hours-Reflection: Like the first three hours, these moments are critical to my personal development. I'll usually journal several pages, as I think and reflect on my day. I'll also open up a dictionary or vocabulary builder to learn a dozen words or so. I must use this time to gather my thoughts and ask tough questions.

I'll also go through my affirmations, which builds my confidence and reminds me of who I am. I'll squeeze in 30 minutes to plan out my week, month, year, and decade. It gets me to think BIG. As I wander about my true potential, I visualize breaking past the rarefied airs of achievement and success.


This is how I structure my day. What have you gotten from it? Be sure to reread this article and click the links for further understanding. If it helps you to make improvements in your productivity, make sure you leave a comment and share it with others. I hope you have a good day and I look forward to hearing from you!

Remember, if you manage yourself well enough, you will master your life.

Daniel Ally

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