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5 Ridiculous Phrases that Will Get You in Trouble

Words can either be used or abused. They can make you or break you, depending on how you construct them. Here are 5 Ridiculous Phrases that Will Get You in Trouble:

1. I'm Tired: Many people cling to their fatigue instead of their energy. They are concerned more about sleeping than thriving. When you say, "I'm tired", it's subconsciously bringing you closer to bed and further away from your work. It promotes sluggishness and diminishes your ability to pay attention. This can end up distracting you, which forces you to lose focus.

A series of positive affirmations can defeat fatigue. If you say things like, "I'm energized" or "I am alive," you will put yourself in a greater position to succeed. You must also emotionalize your words. This can be done by a change in your physiology. A simple stretch, flex, or jumping jack will do. Once you wake up and change your mental rhythm, you'll experience more energy than you expected of yourself.

If you say great things to yourself, great things will happen to you.

-Daniel Ally

2. That's Not Bad: As we go about our daily lives, we either strive for shoddiness or perfection. We either hold high standards or settle for third class. We can accept divine prosperity or we can dwell in utter poverty. The choice is yours. The reason I mention this is because most people know that they surround themselves with things that are below average. When they see something decent, they'll say, "That's not bad."

Instead, you must focus on mastering your expectations. Would you like a car that's 'superior' or one that's 'not bad?' If you expect superior results, you must speak in superior terms. If you expect inferior results, you may continue to speak in inferior terms. Therefore, sharpen your language and only search for prosperity while rejecting poverty at all costs!

Be a force of nature and everything will bend to your will.

-Daniel Ally

3. I Keep Forgetting: This is the same as "I can't remember." Why allow yourself to keep forgetting? The great fact is that you can train your memory to recall anything. However, you must make a firm decision to do so. Failure to recognize the power of your mind can result in a great deal of missed opportunity. You must remember people, places, and things.

Memory is an important skill to master. Not only will others perceive you as intelligent, but you will feel more confident in your daily interactions. Rather than believing that "you keep forgetting," it would be better to say, "I'm trying to remember" or "If I put my mind to work, I can recall the name of the movie." Never let your memory slip away. I hope you remember this one!

Don't forget to remember. -Daniel Ally

4. I'm Not an Early/Late Person: One guy told me straight up, "I can't function after 8 pm." To my consternation, I had to completely reject his thought. Truthfully, he doesn't shut down at 8 pm, but he allows his mind to. He believes that he can go into a state of rest after 8 pm, which closes him off to a world in which he could dominate.

I used to say "I'm a late person." However, I found myself showing up late to nearly every event. In fact, one time I missed an international flight, which was leading to a big opportunity for me. Now, I simply say, "I can wake up any time I want. I am completely in charge of my day." It has revolutionized my sleeping habits and gives me superior strength along the way.

It's the hours you're not paid that will pay you the most. -Daniel Ally

5. I'll Try: While working out, I overheard a conversation nearby. A man said to his friend, "Let's go for one mile." The friend replied said, "I'll try." As I watched this man struggle on his treadmill to reach one mile, it reminded me about the great truth about words: whatever you speak will come into existence.

When someone says, "I'll try" it shows that they aren't certain of the result that they want. We need to take possession of our minds. This means that we must be certain of the result that we want and be willing to achieve it at any cost. Your mind is a powerful tool. If harnessed correctly, you'll turn "I'll try" into "I must."

You must mentally accept a result before you achieve it. -Daniel Ally


I challenge you to guard your mind more carefully. Take note of what others are saying and recognize what you've been verbalizing. If you understand the power of words, it will help you to become more successful in your life.

Daniel Ally

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