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5 Levels of Intensifying Your Dreams

As I work with many entrepreneurs, I find that there are different levels of intensities.The more intensity you put into your work, the more beneficial it will be for everyone in the future. Some people dabble in a new business while others dive in headfirst. Which one are you?

Depending on who you are, you can always intensify your dreams in business. After thousands of conversations over the years, I found that the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who decide to pour their soul into their work. They give it everything they've got.

According to the universal laws, there are no limitations, but people still make excuses. Fortunately, money, resources, and people are never in shortage. Inventions are born out of necessity and its creators were determined to make a change. With a defined purpose and plans, you can do anything you truly desire to intensify your dreams in business.

There are 5 levels of intensities that I found among those whom I had the privilege to speak:

1. I'm Not There Yet

The people who are "not there yet" know they need to change. However, they have not decided to look into the direction that is clearly calling their name. They know that they do not like their current position in life, but they aren't willing to change. They are afraid of failure and criticism. They do not see themselves as competent and may have many insecurities. Their complacency gives them more fear.

In essence, they do not really want to think and plan. Even though they feel stuck, they tolerate their average lives. Only life-altering events can make them change. It can also be a person who walks into their lives. Overall, they sit back and watch others take action. If they finally have the courage, they may join the party too---if it is not too late.

Example: These people hear about the big game, but never think they could watch or play it, so they never go to the stadium.

2. I Could Do That -- Eventually

These people research emphatically. They learn the answers by enrolling in a few study courses, listening to others, and reading books. They study from afar, but seldom come close. They seem like experts when you talk to them, but they never really did anything. They live in theory, but rarely practice. They see other people doing it, but they don't really feel like they have enough.

They think that they have tried because they have put in a lot of research and contributed much, but in the end, they haven't done much at all. They are high in faith, but low in works. They see themselves as the paragon, but don't really commence wholeheartedly in their projects. They enjoy the satisfaction of their day job, but will probably never get into their true dream. The only hope they have is on a very small scale.

Example: These people know about the big game, but don't really buy the tickets because they're afraid to pay for parking to get into the stadium, so they just watch it on TV.

3. I'll Wait Til Next Year

The majority of people are "waiting til next year." They know they need to change, but they put major limitations on themselves. They will wait to their tax breaks in April or their child's graduation in May of next year. They want to wait for their mortgage or car to get paid off. They're more concerned about paying the bills rather than getting wealthy. Usually, the "next year" people are limited by financial means.

"Next year" people typically draw up unreasonable goals and then get discouraged once the year starts. Every season, they are confronted with opportunities but they continue to procrastinate until next year. They invent the best excuses, too. The only hope for those who wait til next year is a change in circumstance or utter frustration. It may take years for them to take action, but eventually it might happen. Overall, they may dabble in a few opportunities, but usually never finish---because they are waiting til next year.

Example: These people wait outside of the stadium and hear the crowds, but they don't quite know who's playing or what's happening. However, they do get updates on the score along the way.

4. Give Me a Couple Months:

These people are ready to make a decision. They know that they can do it now, but want everything to line up. They are like the people who drive down Main Street expecting all green lights. Although they are ready to make a decision, they are waiting to see if their circumstance will get better. All it takes is a little nudge, a little persuasion, and they are ready to start their dreams.

Sometimes these people can be overwhelmed with the amount of help that they need. They are confronted by the unknowns and are potentially terrified of what can happen. They try to plan methodically, but this may leave no room for flexibility (i.e., perfectionists). They may be unreasonable with their thoughts and approach, only because they do not have the perspective on reality. The reason they do not know is because they haven't taken action yet. These people can become "next year" people if they wait too long. On the contrary, they can be ready right now!

Example: These people are in the stadium, but don't ever think they could get in the big game, so they keep watching and hope for their chance of opportunity.

5. I'm Ready Right Now:

This is the kind of person that does everything to change. They create their websites, register their business, create business cards, write their books, and tells everybody what they are about to do. They show the world that they are ready by the action that they take. After waiting for a while, they know the pleasures of embracing all opportunities. If they ever get in trouble, they seek help externally to other people or internally with inner strength. They always win in the end.

These people usually expedite their success with a coach. They have an aggressive two- to three-year plan, which will net them six figures in their second or third year. They know that they can be millionaires within five to 10 years. They thrive on their passions and never look back again. They eradicate all thoughts of employment (if they are in business) and burn all bridges to reach their freedom. In the end, they become magnets and everyone wonders how they have succeeded so quickly.

Example: These are the rare people who actually play the big game.

Decide which level of intensity you are on and go forward in your passions. Intensify your dream and you will reach them faster than you could have ever imagined!

Daniel Ally

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