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The 7 Myths About Rich People

There are many misconceptions about rich people.

Growing up, the poor people around me would say things like, "Rich people are evil, selfish, and greedy!" These poor conversations make me think, "If rich people are like that, I don't want any part of it!"

However, I when I became an adult, I found that this was not the case about rich people. In my journey to becoming rich, I've learned that there are The 7 Myths About Rich People. Here they are:

1. They're Selfish: If rich people were evil, greedy, and selfish, they would never get there in the first place. Even though there are a few individuals who have negative intentions, they are not the ones who actually prosper. The ones who do prosper are the people who are generous, loving, and kind.

The ones who are selfish can be seen from a mile away. They might be able to stack up all the cash in the interim, but the money they gain will rot away like milk in hot weather. They don't stand a chance. However, the richest people in the world are benevolent, which keeps their generous spirits alive.

Rich people are loving, kind, and giving. -Daniel Ally

2. They're Show Offs: On social media and television, we get a glance of a few rich people who flaunt their thick gold chains and Rolls Royces. However, they are only less than 10% of the wealthy population. Most rich people live a calm, relaxing life. They have families and friends and want to create peace and joy, not havoc and jealousy.

Some rich people even live a rugged lifestyle: ripped jeans, rusty pick-up trucks, faded baseball caps. It may seem like they're being cheap, but they have different priorities than the glamorous rich. Instead of buying fancy materials, houses, and toys, they use their money in alternative methods: philanthropic endeavors, SuperBowl tickets, bicycles, swimming pools, collectible books, etc. --not all of which can be shown off!

3. They Sold Their Souls: I used to hear all the time, "Joe Smith got rich because he sold his soul to the devil!" That's not necessarily true. Although becoming rich is a highly spiritual matter, it doesn't mean that someone has sold their soul to the devil! Rich people have different sets of beliefs, varying from practical religions to secular philosophies.

Personally, I'm a practicing Christian. So technically, I did sell my soul to Jesus Christ. In fact, in my early 20's, I made a conscious decision that I was going to do whatever it took to fulfill my divine purpose. I didn't know it would make me rich, but I'm glad it did. Either way, you must choose a spirituality to become rich. I chose God, but a few choose the devil. Some never choose. Where do you want your soul to go?

4. They're Lucky: You'll hear a ton of people say, "Oh, if I had $100,000 like Tom Jones, I would've done the same exact thing!" Perhaps someone did have a special blessing along the way, (like winning the lotto, marrying rich, receiving a large inheritance, etc.) but they still had to face pressures and adversities to use it correctly. Not everyone gets the same start, but everyone can still finish rich.

I personally started with negative $100,000! However, I've seen comments like "he was born in a rich area with a rich daddy who gave him everything!" I was born homeless and grew up in an urban environment on welfare for a dozen years. Most rich people become rich in the same way: they're self-made and have developed an immense love for humanity, which allowed them to serve in unprecedented levels!

Serving others on the highest level will yield you the highest profits.

-Daniel Ally

5. They're Unreachable: A lot of people think that rich people are far away. However, they are right in our neighborhoods. They're usually extremely busy people with little leisure time, but they're available if you know what you're looking for. They're also usually very easy to talk to if you approach them in the right way.

The majority of these rich folks are easily detectable. In fact, you've probably encountered a few of them without even noticing. They consist of many characters: the third-generation pizza shop owner with a fresh flour on his apron; the foreign oily-handed head mechanic at his multi-pump gas station; the and even the busy barbershop owner who is adjusting the volume of his television!

6. They're Cocky: A lot of people hold the notion that rich people are cocky. Actually, the opposite is true. For the most part, rich people are exceedingly humble. Usually, as a person becomes rich, they have many experiences that have killed their pride along the way. Instead of saying, "I run the world and no one can touch me!" they say, "Thank the universe for all the people who helped me along the way." Oftentimes, you'll hear their gratitude at award ceremonies.

A friend of mine remarked, "I know how hard it was to get all of this wealth, but I also know how quickly God can take it away!" He recognized where his money came from and showed complete gratitude to its source. Rich people are usually cautious about their pride and show great modesty. The humility they carry is the main reason they received wealth in the first place!

7. It's Impossible: When you're surrounded by poor people, it's easy to think that becoming rich is utterly impossible. After all, the gospels of poverty is all about bashing successful people. Also, we see celebrities, musicians, athletes, and all kinds of people become wealthy--even at an early age. This can be discouraging for the average person.

However, the fact is that everyone has been divinely blessed with a unique gift. If you use that gift correctly, you will indeed reap the rewards intended for your life. Just take a moment and ask yourself, "What is it that I can do that no one else can do?" Start reaching out to people who have accomplished similar goals. Begin to take personal and professional courses and work that gift until you become rich!

If you believe in yourself, everyone else in the world will believe in you. -Daniel Ally


Hopefully, I've dispelled the 7 Myths of Rich People. If you like this list, share it with others. If there's anyone that I left out or that you loved in particular, please feel free to leave a comment below. Finally, I hope you become rich--if it is your calling!

Daniel Ally

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