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5 Ways to Build a Lasting Fortune

I distinctly remember the day I vowed to make my fortune.

A few years ago, I was visiting New York City, my hometown. I decided to take my young wife to the Empire State Building. After seeing the prices, we became slightly intimidated. It was $60 for both of us. Too much for my wallet at that time.

Sadly, we had to turn away. We went back outside and noticed a nearby restaurant. We gleaned at the menu. Even though I wanted to eat everything listed on the menu, I realized that no meal was under $30. I gulped in despair.

When I turned around to walk away from the restaurant, a limousine driver greeted us with great charm, "Good day to you! Just $80 for the best ride in New York City! It will change your life!" I shook his hand, took his card, and said "Next time."

That night, I was confronted with a deep truth. I could no longer be broke. The anger of the evening swept away my hopes for the day, but I was determined to change my life. I decided to never be in the same situation again. That day, I vowed to make my fortune.

Here are 5 Ways to Build a Lasting Fortune:

1. Dream BIG: Everything you ever wanted is already out there waiting for you. However, you must accept the possibilities of having it. When you walk by high-priced items, believe that it's possible. Trust that one day you will get it. Fantasize about it and ask yourself, "What can I do today to help me get that item tomorrow?"

2. Never Settle: The majority of people settle for mediocrity. They work 40 hours a week for 40 years just to make a paycheck. You must love what you do. Your lifestyle is more important than your paycheck. Don't be blinded by money. Demand higher results for yourself. Stop accepting minimum wage when you need maximum pay.

3. No Substitutes: Some people believe that they must substitute one item for another. They say, "I'll give up my house for that house" or "I'll trade my Toyota for a Mercedes any day." However, the fact is that you can have BOTH. You don't need to give one up for another. You can have as many clothes, cars, income streams, and homes that you want.

4. Know the Price: When you desire wealth, you must know the price. You must face it and say to yourself, "How can I afford it?" Seek avenues to obtain your desired wealth. If you don't know how much your dreams will cost, you won’t achieve them. However, if you do the research, your mind and soul will work wonders to amass the fortune you desire.

5. Take Risks: When confronted with financial distress, don't fade away. Take charge and allow your last dollars to work in your favor. If you approach your new life with fear, you will never get the money you desire. However, if you expect great results and work steadily towards attaining them, you'll get anything and everything you ever wanted in this world.


Finding your fortune is right within your reach. Go anywhere that you want and you will see that there are unoccupied clothes on the shelf, cars on the lot, houses on the street, and food in the restaurants. It's up to you to get what you want. It's already waiting for you to accept it. Just ask my limo driver and he'll tell you!

Daniel Ally

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