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5 Powerful Steps to Overcome Financial Struggles

If you don’t know how you’re going to pay the bills this month, keep reading.

Over 95% of everyone has faced financial struggles at least once in their lives. More than half of the population face it every day. It’s disheartening and often feels like you’re unable to breath. Even worse, financial hardship can kill creativity and throw you completely off course. In short, it’s not a fun place to be.

Because I’ve personally faced numerous negative balances in my bank account, I’d like to share with you my techniques of staying inspired and restructuring your financial future. Here are 5 Powerful Ways to Overcome Financial Struggles:

1. Realize Your Creator: Never lose sight of your creator. Even though circumstances seem to be in control, it’s really God who controls your life. He is trying to get your attention. Instead of taking your health or destroying your family, He is grabbing your attention with financial struggles to help you realize what’s really important. Worship Him with your true heart, mind, and soul and you'll have more than you've ever wanted.

The main question He will ask you is, “Do you have more faith in ME than you have in money?” If all you’ve been thinking about is money, He will be sure to intervene that perverse pattern of thinking. The Universe will disrupt your efforts if you forget about loving your fellow human. That’s the main reason people face financial hardships.

When you focus on people, the profit will come. – Daniel Ally

2. Count Your Blessings: Now that you’re focused, you must begin to truly understand your wealth by accounting for it. Basically, start counting the blessings that you have instead of what you don’t have. Make a list of ten things that you’re thankful for. If you exceed that list, make it one hundred. You should be able to produce that list with ease.

Once you realize how blessed you truly are, find a way to give of yourself like you haven’t done before. For instance, decide at once to give away your clothes or food. Perhaps you might want to teach a child in the neighborhood or even like and share my article (this one) for the first time. Either way, realize what you have and more will trickle down your path!

Massive acts of kindness will give you great wealth and prosperity.

– Daniel Ally

3. Act Normal: It’s incredibly easy to start panicking. However, no one will know if you do or don’t have money. It’s hard to tell. For instance, I once worked at a bank and saw that many people who dressed poorly actually had money. Those who dressed rich had smaller amounts of money. All you need to do is be confident, even though your bank account may contradict this strategy. Just act normal at all times!

If debtors are constantly harassing you, don’t ignore them. Deal with them assertively and ensure that your payments will come. Don’t be afraid to take loans or use credit. Just make sure you have the right motives when doing so. Moreover, seek ways to expand your wealth. Work hard, even if you have to take menial jobs. Let it be a lesson and a blessing.

When you notice the Lord, blessings will chase you down!

– Daniel Ally

4. Review Your Finances: If you know your money, you will grow your money. One easy way is to print out your bank statements and realize what you’re spending your money on. If you realize that you’ve been irresponsible with your spending, then make changes. Check the numbers several times each day. Make sure you're spending your money on items that advance your purpose in life.

If you realize that you’ve been smart with your money but can’t seem to pay the bills, it’s time to mentally accept a pay increase. Begin to look for opportunities to serve others on a higher level. Also, seek financial help from those who’ve accomplished the financial results that you want. Read books, ask questions, attend seminars, watch helpful videos. Learning about money is the first step to achieving wealth.

When you know your money, you will grow your money.

– Daniel Ally

5. Start Over: Even though you might have a minimal account at the moment, realize that it’s only temporary. Remember that no season lasts forever. Change your way of thinking and speaking. For instance, some people might say, “Money comes and goes” but you should be saying, “Money comes and comes!” Your pattern of thinking will reflect your actions, which controls your finances.

Your financial situation will help you make adequate changes in your life. Your bank account is the tool to doing so. Money, like a weight scale, will help you discover which habits you need to adopt in order to be financially fit. Understand that each financial adversity can lead to equal or greater opportunity.

Three phases of life: Work, Worship, or Wait!


The main point is to realize that you are the master of your money. Your money can never control you. After all, money is just perceived value by shared members of society. None of it is as real as you think. Just look at people and money differently and you’ll never face financial struggles again!

Daniel Ally

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