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The Bible verse that changed Daniel Ally's life: 

All things are possible for one who believes. - Mark 9:23

At the age of 21, Daniel Ally committed his life to Jesus Christ. He prays and reads the Bible on a daily basis. Many have come to him for spiritual guidance and advanced counseling. He also has a gift of prophecy, healing, and evangelism. Daniel preaches boldly and trusts the Lord in everything he does. For his favorite prayers, click here

At the age of 21, Daniel Ally committed his life to Jesus Christ. 

He prays and reads the Bible on a daily basis. Many have come to him for spiritual guidance and advanced counseling. He also has a gift of prophecy, healing, and evangelism. 

Daniel preaches boldly and trusts the Lord in everything he does. For his favorite prayers, click here.

Daniel Ally’s Full Testimony:

On a cold February night, I was about to go smoke cigarettes and weed with one of my friends.

As I sat in my Volkswagen Beetle, I felt a strong spirit pulling me to make a dramatic change in life.

I had always prayed, but this time I was more intentional. I prayed, “God, please take me away from this house. I never want to smoke weed again. I’m tired of wasting time. I’m ready to make a change in my life.”

Still, I went in the house.

My friend greeted me and led me to his couch, like usual. Strangely, he didn’t have cigarettes or weed, which he usually did. 

He said he was going text his drug dealers to find some weed, but my spirit wanted to leave. 

Then we started to rap. Usually, he would play instrumentals as we took turns. We often insulted other people, especially the kids we went to high school with. 

But this time was different. 

After his 30 seconds of rapping, it was my turn. 

Instantly, his fully grown German Shepard dog approached me—and the Holy Spirit gripped me for the first time!

Now, this was an unusual experience because when he called his dog’s name, he would usually come. This time, he kept calling the dog, but I had full control.

My friend repeated his desperate calls to the dog, but God showed me that I had full dominion—until I was ready to let go. I was greatly comforted by this experience.

It was at this moment that I believed God for the first time in my life.

I told my friend that I had to go. 

When I began to walk out the door, he grabbed me by the arm and tried to give me two cigarettes. 

He lied the entire time!

He had cigarettes, but he hid it from me during the whole hour that we hung out. 

Although I felt betrayed, I wasn’t upset because I knew I didn’t want it anyways. I decided that I was done dealing with him.

When I left, I went home and fell asleep instantly.

The next day, I woke up to go to my college class. On the way there, I heard a preacher named Tony Evans. I never really listened to preachers, but this man got my attention.

He spoke about the virtues of becoming a responsible man—and why it was so important to lead a life devoted to Jesus Christ.

During that 30 minutes car ride, my mind, body, and spirit was so transformed by his message that I don’t even remember driving to school!

When I got out of the car, I had power that I had never experienced before.

My First Week As a Believer:

In the classroom, I was able to see the truth about the lessons given by the instructors. I also noticed the attitudes of my classmates. I started to have more clarity about the world around me.

For the whole week, I tested this spirit. At church, school, work, and home—I was able to experience a new level of profound wisdom.

During one gym workout, I saw two strong men standing right in front of the water fountain. They were having a deep conversation and didn’t even know they were blocking the only path to water in the gym!

God told me, “With your faith, you can move them.” I told God, “If this is true, then I’ll believe in you for the rest of my life.”

When I looked at the two men, they instantly moved apart—and my mind controlled the direction in which they were heading!

I instantly accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at that moment!

There are many other miracles I can speak on, but I will share them when the time is right.

Let’s me share with you the action steps that I took that helped me to become the man I am today. 

1. Decide to Make a Change: 

As mentioned before, I was fed up with my life. I was tired of being broke, busted, and disgusted.

I always felt underrated, especially since I graduated 2nd to last in high school (the last guy is still in jail)!

At this time in my life, I was a struggling suit salesman that worked in an ultra-competitive environment. 

Although I was the best salesman there, my enemies hated me. They couldn’t stand the fact that I was younger, dressed better, and successfully made the majority of the sales.

This enraged my jealous manager, who started to limit my hours on the job. 

As I saw my hours reduce, I lived off on my credit cards to paid my way through school. 

Before I knew the Lord, I was so sad that life was working out this way—so I smoked weed, played videos games, and spent time with the wrong people.

At this part of my life, I considered suicide multiple times. I felt so underrated and overlooked by every single person I met. I also went through a bad breakup with a girl I thought I’d marry. We had dated for over 2 years. 

I knew I had potential, I just didn’t know how to pursue it. Going to school and getting a job was my only plan—and it didn’t look promising at all!

2. Take Action: 

The week before I hung out with my friend that I wrote about earlier, I went to church reluctantly. I sat in the back, trying to avoid as many people as possible. 

When the music stopped playing, I got up and was getting ready to run to my car. The pastor grabbed me by the arm and said in a deep God-like voice, “Daniel, I’m so happy to see you here! Where have you been?” 

I didn’t know what to say, nor did I know how to relate to him. I was shook. After all, I was a 21 year old kid. He was a mature 60-something year old white man.  

He later invited me to his office, which was located at the church. When we met on a Wednesday evening at 5 pm, we talked about many important subjects in life.

I was surprised to talk to an intellectual for the first time. He was definitely smart. I was also impressed by the thousands of books he kept in his library.

Strangely enough, we talked about every possible subject, except God. I thought, this guy is pretty cool, but he must be up to something!

At the end of our meeting, he gave me a colorful Bible that was sitting on the table. He said, “Start with the Book of Mark. It’s a quick read.” 

When I examined the book, I found it to be a children’s Bible, so I decided to ask him for the other one that was sitting on the desk: a beautiful blue hardcover CEV Bible with crisp white pages.

3. Read the Bible: 

When I took the Bible home, I devoured it. In the first week, I read all 16 chapters in Mark. My spirit was shifting, especially when I read Mark 9:23. 

I felt like something was happening in my life, but I didn’t know what it meant. 

I was just happy to read about the story of Jesus Christ for the first time. Even though I had a Christian member in my family and had met other believers before—NO ONE EVER TOLD ME ABOUT JESUS CHRIST!

After the experience with my friend, I decided to read the Bible entirely. I read it carefully within 6 months, even as I juggled the responsibilities of work, school, and other duties.

4. Becoming a Student: 

As I kept reading the Bible, I was introduced to the Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. This riveting audio program was the next big thing to happen in my life. It was around June, only a few months of discovering God through the Bible. 

Like my pastor, this man also sounded like God. He became the father I needed in my life. I listened to all of his other works—which lead me to a plethora of other great teachers who helped transform my way of thinking. 

Shortly after, I started my journal, wrote all of my goals, studied the dictionary, and read over 100 books in that first year! I used every dollar I earned from my part-time job to buy my books. 

My parents thought I was crazy, but they allowed me to read quietly in their cold and dusty basement. 

In this time period, I would rush home from school or work and read 3-4 hours each day minimum. I pulled several all-nighters to finish my books. 

5. Search for Mentorship: 

As a suit salesman, I had access to many men who earned an excellent living through their careers. I would ask them questions—and they’d buy more suits because of how much I impressed them!

I also chatted with my parents, professors, pastors, and anyone I deemed successful at the time. Like a sponge, I soaked it all up. I even learned from failures too. I wanted to learn as much as possible.

At a certain point, I realized that there was a limit to what these “mentors” were about to teach me. Few of them earned over $100,000 per year—and only a couple millionaires would give me a moment to briefly ask them a question. 

I wasn’t obsessed with becoming rich—but I knew the benefit of earning more money. Later on, when I started my business, I hired a coach who helped me to make radical changes in my life.

6. Advance Your Skillset: 

As a student, I noticed that many of my fellow classmates depended on their degree to get them jobs. 

However, I knew I’d need more than that, especially as a young and colored person in our society. 

But what skills would I work on?

In one of my college classes, I wrote a detailed paper on a case study pertaining to a well-known company named IKEA, a furniture store.

When the time came to give the presentation portion, I felt ready. Since I was a suit salesman, I bought the best suit and tie combination—and I went completely broke (again) to look as good as I could!

Finally, the day had come. I stood up in front of my classmates—and my mind sat back down! My knees were knocking. My body was tense. I broke out into a deep sweat. 

Sixteen eyes penetrated my soul. I was emotionally bankrupt. I couldn’t even complete a sentence. I didn’t finish the speech. I begged the professor not to fail me—and thankfully, he didn’t. 

When I went home, it turned this failure into motivation. I opened up a random book out of frustration and I saw the words “Join Toastmasters” written in big bold words. It was an obvious sign!

Soon enough I researched every Toastmaster club in the area, eventually attending one on Monday morning at 7:15 am—located at a former restaurant in which I was previously employed! I hated waking up early, but I wanted to prove to myself that I can actually do it!

Every member was more than twice my age. Most were thrice my age. I assume that the older crowd got my attention because they were more mature: no silly jokes, lustful temptations, or profane language. Just pure professionalism.

Within a year, I gained superior leadership skills and became the President of the club. I gave over 100 speeches and visited every single club multiple times in the area.

I taught everyone everything I was learning in my books. I discovered that most people had no idea about what I was teaching them. My principles were working for me, but how could I teach it to more people?

I learned how to set goals, manage my time, give speeches, lead people, make sales, and various skills. I felt confident about myself for the first time in a long time. 

7. Build Momentum:

A little later, I graduated with two bachelors degrees. Still, I felt like it needed more time before starting a career. I also knew I needed more skills to succeed in the marketplace. 

After my graduation, I decided to get an advanced degree. Although I barely passed the graduate test, but I did enough to get into MBA school!

I also wanted to start a new job. As a  successful suit salesman, my enemies became so jealous that they got me off the schedule. My store manager couldn’t stand that I made more sales than he did! His 30 years of experience had nothing on my ability to truly connect with the customers. 

Since I had graduated, the main boss (my manager’s boss) was also considering my as a store manager, which meant that I would eventually take his job!

Even though I was off of the schedule with no hours, I still became their top salesman. 

How? I was so good that I made appointments with everyone I met at school, church, gyms, and even on the street. 

During every waking moment, I passed out thousands of business cards and had 5-10 solid conversations with whomever I met. 

Because of my ability to gain trust, I would visit the store with my own customers at my own convenience, which no one did at the time.

I was tired of the hate I got from selling suits, so I applied to jobs to sell cars. However, like the 30 plus jobs I had previously worked—this one was quickly getting old for similar reasons.

Although a few of the salesman took me under their tutelage, the other disgruntled workers hunted me down relentlessly and tried to get me fired. 

Because of the unrealistic pressures, I eventually quit the job so that I could focus on school—and my most supportive managers fully understood.

During my MBA program, I was allowed to take a Ph.D level class called Adult Education. I wrote a long email to the professor, expressing that I wanted to learn about teaching, so they accepted me. 

Little did I know that it would turn out disastrously! This woman completely hated me and didn’t speak with me at all after the first day of class. We had one assignment the entire year—which was an essay in which I received a failing grade on.

I wondered why God would do this to me. It didn’t make sense at all. I felt deeply betrayed by the educational system, especially when they told me that I needed an “A” in every class to get my MBA.

8. Take a Risk: 

Within 2 years of discovering the Lord, I decided that it was time to take a massive leap of faith.

With the accumulated job experience, speaking engagements, and books that I read—I finally felt ready!

My girlfriend and I had communicated about getting married and living together. It seemed like an idea that would work out. 

Would I be ready for the commitment? Was she the one? Could I support myself? Should I finish my MBA program? What kind of work can I find? These were the questions that dominated my mind. 

After pondering the prospect of finishing my MBA program, I knew it was time to drop out. I was tired of sitting in a classroom, only to be surrounded by others who wanted degree to make more money. 

Additionally, my decision was predicated on the fact that I wanted to be an entrepreneur—and school was only holding me back from achieving that goal. 

Finally, I decided that I was time to make a decision. During one of my speeches in Baltimore, I realized that I couldn’t live my life without her. 

Despite having only a few hours of sleep, I drove 7 hours in the deep snow to pick her up. During this time, she packed her bags and dropped out too. It was the biggest risk we’d ever taken. And it worked out.

Our first job was selling life insurance. The man who got me into it was very enthusiastic about the job. He made a lot of sales because half of his family was known among the people he offered his services to!

When I tried to sell life insurance, I wasn’t as passionate—nor was I as well-connected. Still, I tried really hard—only to realize that this kind of work wasn’t my forte.

9. Find Your Turning Point:

Still, I was deeply interested in speaking to people. In fact, I started to make more time to give speeches, instead of selling life insurance. 

I split my schedule to see which path would make more sense: I gave speeches 3 days a week. I sold insurance 3 days a week. I was a highly conflicting schedule!

One day, I was sitting in heavy traffic at a red light in Washington DC. My young wife and I were talking about our next decision. I was hungry for truth, so our discussion became increasingly deeper.

Then she asked me a question that changed my life: “Daniel, are you going to continue to tell people that they’re going to live—or that they’re going to die?”

I was stunned.

This young beloved lady asked the question I needed to hear. It was the perfect moment to think about my life: Would I keep telling people that they needed life insurance because they would eventually die? Or should I keep teaching people about their potential so that they can continue to live?

My choice was clear.

I went home, wrote a book in 10 days, and launched my business full time. I never turned back.

We also took our bright green work shirts and burned them together as we indulged on the best ice cream we ever had in our life. 

We prayed for a new day to come.

10. Make it Happen: 

When I launched my business, there were so many challenges. Not only did I seek to give 200 speeches, I also wanted to create another business—which I eventually did.

Life was moving fast. I wrote more books, wrote articles, and began making videos. People loved my teachings and I loved helping people.

Once my numbers started growing, so did my opportunities. Thousands of people eventually became millions, then hundreds of millions—and the Lord is still blessing me!

There are many things I share about my story: the risks I took, the challenges I faced, the impossible situations I overcame, and many other situations I experienced.

However, I will say that all of the credit goes to God. With the help of Jesus Christ, I’ve been able to achieve goals that I couldn’t have imagined when I started. 

By praying, reading the Bible, and trusting the Lord, you too can gain plentiful wisdom and enjoy the bountiful blessings of God.

If you enjoyed my story or want to ask me anything, please write me at or find me on social media.

I will be sure to respond to your message.

God bless you and continue to do BIG things in your life!

In Jesus Christ, Amen!

- Daniel Ally

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